Friday, 27 July 2018

Losing Your Mojo? | Fitness Fridays

So more than half of the year is over and done with - wait what, where has that gone?! And if you've managed to stay on the whole 'fitness band-wagon', well hats off to ya...

Recently, I've found myself getting into a bit of a rut when it comes all things gym and 'healthy living', which is ironic as isn't this the time everyone is supposed to be the most motivated? Well I'm blaming the weather on this one, who wants to go sweat in a gym when I could literally break a sweat in an ice bath right now - seriously UK, where has this weather come from?!

So - considering the above - I thought I would share some bits and pieces that I used to/still do to get myself back in the swing of things when I feel a bit unmotivated...


Earlier this year I became obsessed with planning and organising my life. Now whether this was to do with my new bullet journal or not I have no idea (but I think it sure helps!). Every Sunday I would sit down and plan out my weeks workouts. This includes when I'm going to workout, how long for, where and what exactly I'm going to do. For example, I may plan to workout on Wednesday morning at 7:30am at the gym and on that particular day I'm going to train legs (surprise surprise...). Then on Tuesday evening if I have time, I'll write down in the notes sections of my phone all the exercises I will be doing with the new 'tick box' tool (seriously life changing and a virgos DREAM). I can then turn my phone on aeroplane mode once I get in the gym and use my notes to tick off when I've finished each exercise - it's actually quite satisfying, trust me!


I find this particularly useful when I'm in a bit of a rut when it comes to food. We all have those days or weeks (or months...) where we just eat crap and completely lose track of our nutrition. For me this usually happens when I'm so bogged down with university work or assignments that food and my health takes a back seat. So if you're feeling a bit like this, get yourself down to your local supermarket and go crazy in the fruit and veg aisle! I may do a whole other post on some easy, healthy and cheap meals that you can make in bulk, so if you would like that just let me know down below in the comments.


Social media is an amazing thing. And is equally amazing if you want to find inspiration and motivation when it comes to fitness. There are so many platforms that fitness professionals use to convey their message - and the majority are free, so use them!! Personally, I love listening to podcasts, whether that's on the train, on the walk into university or whilst I'm running on the treadmill. However there are also loads of videos on YouTube and Instagram (which you can save into a folder for easy access), as well as some amazing bloggers out there providing you with some fab workouts. Here are some of my favourites:
Podcasts - Fit and Fearless, Whey Box Podcast
Blog posts - Carly Rowena, Cat Meffan, The Girl Gains, Zanna Van Dijk
Youtubers - Carly Rowena, GraceFitUK, Sarahs Day


Even if you're not the competitive type, I'd guess that most people enjoy a challenge - or at least the feeling after you've completed said challenge, right?! Whether this is running or walking a certain distance, lifting a certain weight or simply challenging yourself to go to the gym twice a week for a month, it's the little things like this that can keep you motivated and raring to go.

So there we have it, a few bits and pieces that help me get back on track when all I want to do is spend my days sprawled over my bed with a wet flannel on my forehead watching Call The Midwife on Netflix seriously contemplating installing an air-conditioning unit into my house....and yes I've honestly had that conversation with my dad...! Anyways if you have any other tips and tricks pop 'em in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!

Lots of love, Katie xo

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