Sunday, 14 January 2018

SURPRISE! A Weekend In New York City

If you read my last post, you will have some sort of idea what is going on. But if you didn’t, I suppose I better explain myself…

On the 16th of December my mum told me to pack a bag for 4 days away in London. So little oblivious Katie shoved her entire wardrobe into her suitcase, hopped in the car and prepared herself for the 3 hour journey down to the big smoke. Now if you know me well, you’ll know I am probably the easiest person to surprise in the world (flashback to my 16th birthday…), so when Mum pulled up in Gatwick Airport instead of London, I was thoroughly confused to say the least. We got out the car (needless to say I was questioning Mum about everything) and headed into departures. Where it then all got very very real. From a distance I saw my two best friends, Caitlin and Sophie, and their mums standing chatting. I ran over at full pelt and gave them both the biggest cuddle before transferring my questioning over to them instead of Mum. Then the final members of the team arrived – Gracie and her lovely mum – and we were finally allowed to find out where we were going… NEW YORK!!! (cue the screaming, crying and hugging, evidence here). So, as I am currently experiencing major holiday blues, I thought I’d write a post all about our amazing trip away and share some of the brilliant photos Sophie took over the couple of days we were there…

On our first day we ventured over to the High Line – a modern art walkway situated above the streets of New York. I actually hadn’t heard of it before, and I was so impressed. I was such a lovely way to explore New York whilst being above the hustle and bustle. The walk took you through the Meat Packing district, which is a completely different area of the city to visit aside from the typical touristy areas. From here, we then went into Chelsea market, which was so cool and made me feel like a proper local (the dream…). Inside the market were lots of independent shops, cafes and restaurants selling quirky bits and pieces that you 100% would not find on the high street.  My favourite of the shops was a ‘Pop up’ shop that housed around 40 independent sellers selling anything from fancy dress masks to outdoor survival packs. Whilst in the market we grabbed ourselves some dinner from an Italian restaurant called Giovanni Rana Pastificio - the pasta was out of this world. We then spent the rest of the day doing some damage in the shops. We also ventured into Grand Central, where I felt like I was in the middle of a Gossip Girl Episode. Seriously all the Season 1 Pilot vibes came flooding back, whilst I channeled my inner Serena Van De Woodsen. 

Jacks Wife Freda was somewhere I had heard many many many bloggers blab on and on about, so we all bundled in to a taxi the following morning and headed over to Soho. It did not disappoint. Most of us opted for the poached eggs with halloumi and grilled tomatoes, however Caitlin and Yvonne ventured into the realms of the Quinoa Bowl, which looked amazing. I am so glad we did our research, as it’s so tiny, that we probably would’ve walked straight past it had we not known how good it was. After breakfast we stuck around Soho and did some more shopping in shops such as Aritzia, Macys and Nike. Now, I couldn’t go to New York without visiting the Glossier showroom – it would’ve been a sin really…so after lunch I took myself and Google maps off for an adventure through the grid like streets of Soho to the big pink house of dreams. I honestly could’ve bought the whole shop – but you (and my bank account) will be pleased to know that I restricted myself. A glossier haul and first impressions will be coming soon don’t you worry…

As it was around Christmas time, we managed to get tickets to go and see The Rockettes Christmas Show at Radio City. If I were to describe the show in 3 words I would say incredible, festive and cheeeeese. If you like musicals, show girl dancing and glitz and glamour, you will love this. A sure way to get you in the Christmas spirit! After the show we went out for dinner at a steak restaurant called Mastros. I can honestly, hand on heart say that it was the best steak I have ever tasted. The atmosphere in the restaurant, alongside the amazing food made for the best final night of our trip. The restaurant even gave us a free dessert to share – their signature dish called the Butter Pudding (which was insane!). On our walk back to the hotel we decided to take a slight detour through the Rockafeller Centre, where we admired the biggest Christmas tree I have EVER seen and watched as people enjoyed ice skating down below – a true festive moment.

On our third and final day in the concrete jungle, we meandered our way down to Central Park to get some breakfast at Sarabeths (another Gossip Girl *squeal* moment). Me being a savoury gal had the Eggs Hash, whilst the rest had Pancakes and French Toast which looked so so good! To finish off our trip we wandered down 5th Avenue and gawped in the windows at the designer handbags and shoes, before finding our way into Tiffanys – which in comparison to the one in London is a whole other ball game (think a 8 floor building made up of pure turquoise box goodness). Mum and I then splintered off from the group as they went to find Bloomingdales, and I went to find…go one have a guess…yep Sephora. I spent ages trolling through everything swatch a lipstick here and spraying a perfume there, however decided to be sensible and buy only what I ‘needed’ – the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara and one of the Sephora sheet masks for the plane back. To finish the trip off we met back up with Sophie and Emma to have a yummy final dinner at Tony Di Napoli in Times Square. Tony's is a lovely family ran Italian that specializes in large pasta dishes and Italian desserts to share between the table – I would highly recommend as the pasta was gorgeous, as was the Tiramisu.

And there you lovely lot ends our trip. We drove back to JFK and hopped back on the plane, back to England and reality. As I said before it was a trip of a lifetime and an absolute dream come true. If any of the mums are reading, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of us when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for organizing the trip and treating us girls to a fab start to Christmas – it’s our surprise next year don’t you worry… girls we better start planning! I hope you enjoyed this write up of my trip and if you are heading over to New York in the future maybe it sparked some ideas? Where would be your dream place to visit at Christmas time?

Lots of love, Gossip Girl xoxo (sorry had to do it…)


  1. Wow this is incredible, NYC looks amazing and it’s top of my bucket list! Glad you had such an amazing time! Xx

  2. I would LOVE to go to new york in winter! Such a magical time of year to visit! Looks like you had a great time, love all the photos.
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like such an amazing adventure! Glad you had fun, I enjoyed reading the post.

  4. It sounds and looks amazing!! one day I will go New York!

    Sophia xo //


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