Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

It's that time of year again, the tree goes up, the minced pies get baked and everyone starts to get in the Christmas spirit. I mean it's December the 12th, I was in the festive mentality about a month ago... Anyways, I thought I would put together a post all about what christmas means to me and a few people close to my heart! So here is what they said when I asked them "What Does Christmas Mean To You?"... (queue the cheesy music).

 "Christmas is about being around friends and family who love you and making happy memories together!" - Alice Gonçalves, my best friend since the age 0.

"Eating all the food, and getting fat" - my little brother (Dan) ladies and gents...

"Wrapping up presents and giving myself bad knees in the process, chocolate oranges and "Has He Been?" - my dad (aka. the creator of XXXL Xmas 2016)

"Champagne at brekkie.. tea in Santa mug... everyone home.... laughing.." - my mama

"Christmas to me is the whole day, the house is mad with people, there is constantly food cooking and my mum is telling the dog off for stealing the presents from under the tree! It's for family, friends and lots of laughter! And it's the best day of the year!" - Caitlin my bestest friend.

"Food, Family and Fun" - Lucy, my flat mateeee

And that's a wrap (pun intended)! For me, Christmas is all about spending time with my family. It's not just the 25th of December, it's the whole lead up to it. When I was back at school my favourite events of the school calendar were the winter music concerts and the carol concert. I was lucky enough to be involved in both choirs as well as the orchestras at school, which made the whole experience so exciting as you felt completely engrossed by the atmosphere. Ever since leaving school, I always enjoy doing the little things around Christmas, for example going to the Christmas lights turn on, going ice skating, doing secret santa and going to all the cheesey clubs just to get my fix of Christmas music boogying... big shout out to Flares and Pop World - you da best! My University flat mates and I also did a big Christmas Dinner together before term ended, which I really hope we do it again this year. But over everything else, the one thing I'm looking forward to the most this Christmas, is heading back down South to see my family, and in particular my brothers who I haven't seen since the beginning of term (bit of a trek from Newcastle to Exeter...) and spending time with them...the 3 musketeers back together!

Merry Christmas you lovely lot -12 days to go!!!

Lots of Christmas love, Katie xo

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