Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Ultimate Christmas Party On A Student Budget

Last weekend, the girls and I were invited to a Christmas party/ dinner at our friends Lizzie, Anna, Nicole, Aaron and Harry's house along with 30 other people. So, as always, I thought I would throw a blog post together with some tips and tricks on how to throw a Christmas Party/ Dinner on a student budget. Also, whilst I'm at it I'd just like to thank the girls and guys for hosting such a fab evening and for all the hard work they put in - same time again next year?! 

As there was absolutely no way all of the food would fit in one of our student sized box ovens, we decided that everyone should cook and bring a small section of the Christmas dinner. This also stopped my student loan from disappearing before my eyes. As well as splitting the cooking, we also all chipped in to buy the cutlery, paper plates, crackers and the turkey. We decided to have soup and bruschetta for starters (courtesy of the boys - Nathan this is your official shoutout!), a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and then lots of chocolatey puddings (that were amazing!).  Here is a list of all the food we brought between us, just in case any of you lot need some festive inspiration, and yes we went all out...

  1. Turkey
  2. Nut Roast (if any vegetarians are attending)
  3. Chicken 
  4. Gammon
  5. Pigs In Blankets
  6. Roast Potatoes
  7. Yorkshire Puddings
  8. Cranberry Sauce
  9. Sprouts
  10. Parsnips
  11. Carrots
  12. Gravy
  13. Stuffing
  14. Peas
  15. Soup
  16. Cheese board
  17. Desserts - 'Christmas pudding' rocky road, chocolate brownies, Christmas tree cookies and mini 'Christmas pudding' rice crispy cakes.

If you're a student, or simply want to throw a festive get together on a budget over the Christmas period, I would highly recommend sharing out all of the cooking and jobs, as we did. If you need a playlist to go along with your party, head over to my 'Ultimate Christmas Playlist post' here (selfless plug...) for 4+ hours of Christmas tunes. If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments and have an amazing time if you're throwing a party any time soon! Once again, thank you so much to 205 for having us... Merry Christmas!

All of the pictures were taken by Harry Craig - if you want to get in contact with him, his facebook page is here, as you can see from the pictures he's fab and I'd highly recommend him for any photography you need.

Lots of Christmas Love, Katie xo

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