Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Traditions

(you could definitely make a drinking game out of the number of times I said Christmas in this...)

Yep, that's me - the shorty in the middle with the chubby cheeks and pouty mouth (our parents really knew how to dress us...). So 'traditions' are something that usually differ between different cultures and countries. However Christmas traditions, are entirely different...they vary from family to family and house to house. I find it so interesting hearing about different peoples Christmas days, and love how families stick to traditions year on year. I've seen quite a few of these posts flying around recently, so thought why not do one of my own. So here are a few Christmas traditions my family and I do at Christmas time.


My brother has his birthday on the 24th December, so we always try to make it a special day for him. For the last 6 years, we have organised a big walk and pub lunch with lots of family friends. It's lovely to celebrate Ben's birthday with lots of friends that we don't see all that often, year after year. We try to make it slightly different every year, so when it snowed one year we went sledging on Dovers Hill and for his 18th birthday mum and dad arranged carol singers to meet us at the top of a hill (which was absolutely hilarious and made Ben die of embarrassment...!).


When we were younger, Ben and I used to write Santa a letter on Christmas Eve and decorate it it with stickers and Christmas drawings. When Dan was born we started it all back up again. We also used to (and still do) put a minced pie and a glass of milk out for Father Christmas and a carrot out for the reindeers - we're big kids at heart.


Ever since we were little Christmas Day has been an early start. I'm talking 6am absolute latest. My brothers coming running into my room, stockings dragging along the floor, shouting "He's been, He's been!!!" - it was cute when they were 5 years old...Once we make it downstairs, we make mum, dad, grandma and grandad a cup of tea in their special christmas mugs and then head into the living room. We then open our stockings downstairs, with christmas music blaring all around us. Then we all have breakfast together - usually bacon sandwiches - and then get ready to walk down to the pub at about 12pm. Once we've all had a drink or too at the local, we wander back and it's all hands on deck for Christmas Dinner. Once it's all cooked and dished up we sit down to eat and the drinks get flowing once again. After dinner we hand out presents to each other from friends and family before tucking into pudding. This is the time that we'll usually find the grandparents snoozing on the sofa. Finally we all snuggle down and watch the Christmas TV - usually Downton Abbey, Eastenders or this year Victoria...


Boxing Day is a funny one for us, we never do exactly the same every year, but that's why I love it. Some years we just stay at home and spend time all together, and other years we go up North to visit our cousins, aunties and uncles. This year we are going up to see my dad's side of the family. I can't wait as my cousins have all had children, so I hope I'll get lots of baby cuddles. I also can't wait to see my Grandma, who I haven't seen in a while.

And that's your lot you lovely people! I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my christmas day and other traditions. Let me know if you do anything special with your family and friends around Christmas, and if it's something you think you will continue to pursue in the future.

Lots of Christmas Love, Katie xo

p.s. 10 days to goooo...

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