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10 Christmas Gifts | For Him

Whether it's your boyfriend, bestfriend, brother or dad, most girls find guys the most difficult to buy for. Well, in my experience they are anyways! So I thought I would write a blog post all about some ideas on what to get the males in your life for Christmas... I've tried to include a range of gifts in different price brackets, so everyone is covered! Enjoy...

1. Sock Subscription - every Dad loves socks right? So why not get a gift that keeps on giving...I've done this for my Dad in the past and he actually asked for it the year after - if that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is? Here are two companies that I've used - Quiet Rebellion and London Sock Company.

2. Slippers - I promise these won't all be feet related... but I always think a nice pair of slippers are a comfy and practical gift for any man - however 'manly' they think they, everyone gets chilly feet at some point! Here are some nice ones (/a funny one...) I've found for this season - John Lewis, Ugg, Tescos

3. Game Of Thrones Monopoly board - this one's for those GoT fans out there... it's pretty self explanatory, but if your significant other, best friend or brother are into the show this could be a nice game to get them to keep them entertained. You could even whip it out on the big day itself! You can find it here

4. 'Anti Tech' Box - now I had this idea whilst Christmas shopping for my little brother - who is a tech genius and obsessed with gaming...which is fab and what most 12-15 year olds love doing, but sometimes I just want to spend time with him without the obligatory piece of technology strapped to his hand! So I am putting a box together of loads of things we can do together, for example mini board and card games, a christmas film, lots of chocolate, some 'big kid' lego and a 'cookie in a jar recipe' for us both to do together. The games I've found are from Marks and Spencers and currently on 3 for 2. 

5. Onesie - a few years ago, I bought my brother a onesie (you know, the all in one oversized baby grows...) - now this was actually a joke present but he ended up wearing it to death and putting a hole through it... You could go one of two ways, get a practical and 'understated' onesie for a boyfriend or say a uni student who needs the extra layer, or get a novelty onesie for your Dad or Grandad to wear on Christmas day, and yes they have to wear it! Asos have a fab selection of both, here, however if you want a proper garish onesie, get yourself into Primark!

6. Knitwear - clothes are not just for girls, ladies! The boys like to look good too believe it or not... my nearly 19 year old brother always appreciates a good jumper that he can chuck on with jeans, whether he's heading to a lecture or out with friends. Here are some lovely ones on the market at the mo... Grey Lightweight Jumper, Jack Wills Cable Knit Crew Neck, Burgundy Crew Neck Jumper, Holly Christmas Jumper.  

7. An Experience - gifts don't always have to be physical people! Why not treat the boys in your life to a day out with you, whether that's just going for a special dinner, a concert or tickets to his favourite sporting game. Or say if your dad has a group of friends he likes hanging out with, get together with those friends' daughters or family and buy them all a 'Lads weekend away' - for example a weekend away playing golf? Print off a make shift 'ticket' and hey presto a lovely thoughtful gift!

8. Smart Gloves - these are amazing and I still can't get my head around how they work... anyways they would be fab for any commuter or even the dad who stands watching the kids football/hockey matches in the deepest depths of winter. These smart gloves will not only keep his hands toasty but also allows him to take that all important phone call or snap the perfect picture of the try his son has just scored, all without taking his gloves off! This pair from Ugg are stylish as well as practical. 

9. Bluetooth Speaker - there are so many of these around at the moment, and are especially useful for the teens/ twenty somethings at University. Here are a few in different price ranges, from less expensive to slightly out there - Kitsound Cube Speaker, Amazon Echo, UE boom speaker, Sonos Speaker.

10. Airfix Model building - for the big kids out there. This is basically lego for adults with a love for aeroplanes. You can get special edition ones from Marks And Spencers or online here.  

There you have it, 10 ideas of gifts you could get the special guys in your life this Christmas. I hope you found this post helpful if you're stuck in a gifting rutt... If you have any other genius ideas, pop them in the comments down below!

Lots of Christmas Love, Katie xo

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