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10 Christmas Gifts | For Her

So we've sorted the boys out (see previous post here...), now it's the girls turn. And as before, I'm going to try and include items in all price ranges, for most ages. Whether you're buying for your mum, grandma, best friend, sister or girlfriend, I hope some of this helps. Also some of the gifts mentioned in the 'For Him' gift guide may also be suitable for the ladies in your life, so make sure you give it a read after this one!

1. Slippers - As in the Mens post, slippers are an essential for those chilly winter nights. Here are some lovely ones of all different price ranges, Marks and Spencers, UGG, New Look and ASOS.

2. Oliver Bonas Makeup Bags - these make up bags are gorgeous, and fab for a best friend or sister who is into makeup. They come in two sizes and two colours - a blush pink (large size) and a navy blue (medium size). Top tip, you could also pop a few bits and pieces into the bag, for example a lipstick, eyeshadow or even some jewellery.

3. Perfume - now, this is always a tricky one when gifting other people. So I would stay stear clear of perfumes if you don't know the person all that well - perfumes are so personal and you wouldn't want to get the wrong end of the stick! However, if you know exactly what scents, say your mum or grandma like, I would say go for it. Whether you buy them they're fave scent of all time or get them and entirely new choice to get them to branch out a bit. My top picks for this year are Glossier You, Hugo Boss The Scent, and Marc Jacobs Pear.

4. An Experience - I mentioned this one in the 'For Him' post, but it obviously stands for girls as well. There are some really lovely things out there that you can book in advance to take either your mum or bestie to. For example, why don't you head off for a spa weekend, or go to see her favourite film at the cinema, or if your mum loves outdoors'y things book to go rock climbing, canyoning or horse riding in one of the many picturesque places in the UK.

5. A 'Travel Essentials' Box - if one of your friends is off travelling in the new year - whether that's just for a week, or for the year - why not put together a box of 'travel essentials' for them. For example, collect together mini toiletries, print off a map of where they're going, if it's a hot country they're going to pop a bikini and a hat in there (and maybe some gloves and handwarmers for a colder climate). Why not also grab a travel guide for the country they're going to - I love these Phaidon ones (or customize your own, researching quirky little things they may want to go and do?) or put some travel friendly snacks in...the options are endless - just get creative!

6. Gymshark Leggings - if your friend is really into fitness, they will no doubt have heard of gymshark - an online fitness clothing brand that is all the rage at the moment. Their leggings are fab quality, very comfortable and relatively affordable. I would recommend the Dreamy leggings, The Seamless Collection and the Flex Leggings. LINKKKKKKS

7. Pandora Disney Charms - if you have a younger girl (or a disney fan - i.e. moi) to buy for who owns a pandora bracelet, why not head into the store to see their new Disney Collection. It is honestly adorable. They have a range of colourful, in your face disney charms and also more subtle charms with just a hint of Disney sparkle.

8. The Bobble Hat - it's back people! My favourite head accessory to keep you warm in the winter - the pom pom bobble hat. You can literally find these everywhere and anywhere this time of year. My favourites at the moment are from Topshop, ASOS, Anthropologie and Primark.

9. Statement Earrings - again another item that is 100% on trend at the moment - and for good reason. Statement earrings are everywhere nowadays. You can pair them with a pair outfit to instantly take it up that notch. I'm sure any teen or 20 something + girl would love a pair. My favourites are from Lovisas, Topshop, House Of Bricks and H&M.

10. PopABall Prosecco Sparkle - I mean what girl doesn't love prosecco? And also what girl doesn't love sparkles? So why not combine them both?! This prosecco sparkle is perfect for that girls night out and even New Years Eve. You can get this from Lakelands, as well as other goodies including cocktail mixer sets and PopABall flavour bubbles. You could even make a Cocktail themed box full of mixers, shimmer, flavour bubbles and their favourite spirit?

And there we have it - my top picks for gifts for girls this year. I hope you found this useful and thank you once again for taking the time to read this post! 20 days to go!!!

Lots Of Christmas Love, Katie xo


  1. Really love this list! I've got the same perfume as the one in the picture (Si). I think perfume is always a good present, as long as it smells good, you can't really go wrong!

    1. Aww it's my favourite scent EVER! I know, I've bought my mum a fragrance this year - fingers crossed she likes it!! X

  2. Great list, a few of these items are currently on my wish list. I actually have the PopABall Prosecco Sparkle and it's amazing, I used it for a girls night in making mocktails and we actually found out that it makes a pretty good highlighter too haha.

    Holly x

    1. Hahahah that is the best thing I've ever heard - amazing!!

  3. Pandora Disney charms are a firm yes!- https://sophiehearts.net x


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