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What University Has Taught Me... | 6. STUDYING

I mean, at the end of the day, the whole point of university is to come out the other side with a degree and use said degree in the big bad world of being an adult. Scary right? And in order to achieve that degree you will more that likely have to do some sort of exam or course work, which means you will have to study. I know, eww. Now I have never been the academic type, and have always had to work by little butt off to make it through any sort of test or exam - even those 'end of unit exams that mean nothing' types...yes I was the girl who revised for those too... no shame!! So I before coming to university I thought I had my shit together when it came to revising and studying. Oh how wrong was I?! University is so so so different to school in many ways, and intaking that information is 100% one of them. So I thought I would throw a little post together all about how I 'study' or process the information I am given in a lecture in order to hopefully pass my exams... I am also going to pop a few other tips and tricks that my friends use, as everyone studies in a different way!


Most lectures come hand in hand with a powerpoint. So on a Sunday night I sit down and print out all of the lecture slides that I will need for the following week. I usually print them 4 slides to a page and double sided to save on paper (it's expensive stuff!), staple them and pop them in a folder for the following day. Then once I'm in the lecture I take notes around the slides as the lecturer in talking, as well as highlighting the crap out of the page! If there is anything I miss during the lecture I will put a little star in the corner of the slide which reminds me to go back over it on ReCap that night, or to ask a friend. 


This is something that I am trying to do this year to number 1 shorten the amount of time I take going over lectures and number 2 to consolidate the information I've learnt in the lecture into language that I easily understand. Last year I used to write pages and pages of notes on each lecture, and it took me an ageeee to complete. Now I usually write roughly 1-2 A4 sides on each lecture, using the lecture slides I annotated in the session, any textbooks the lecturers recommend and also Mr Google to help with any definitions that I don't understand (which are usually the majority of the text!).


Now this is more for revision around exam period, however I sometimes write flashcards whilst I am just recapping over a lecture so they are ready for when I start revising, to make sure I don;t waste time making pretty revision aids when I should really just be learning the thing! It's not just me right?! 


Nowadays it is so common for people to take laptops or tablets into lectures and write notes on them. I did this occasionally last year and found the notes section under a power point so useful. If your lecturers upload your lectures in PDF form, just google PDF to Powerpoint converter on Google to transfer them. A friend of mine at a different university also takes her tablet into a lecture with a stylus and takes notes that way, which is more similar to taking notes by pen and paper if thats your thaaang

At the start of the year, some people become obsessed with 'reading around the subject'. Don't get me wrong this is so important in most degrees, however please make sure what you are reading is one reliable, and two relevant! There is nothing worse than reading a 376 page article to then figure out that none of it is relevant to what you were actually supposed to be studying. My recommendation would be to stick to what your lecturers recommend to start with, and then if you want to read some more go for it! I'd also recommend taking brief notes on what you're reading if you think it would be useful for future reference, or if it is online, save it to a folder in your documents. 

And thats it people! Some short and sweet tips on how to study at university. These are only brief and obviously customised from my learning habits, so just remember that everyone is different and we all learn in completely different ways. What works for someone else, may not work for you and all that jazz!

Lots of love, Katie xo


  1. Great tips! I'll be starting uni (again) In September so these are perfect!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    1. Glad you found it helpful! Best of luck for September, I'm sure you'll love it!! X


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