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THIS GIRL CAN (and so can you!)

Next week is the This Girl Can campaign week - focusing on getting all the gals exercising and shaking them hips! This Girl Can is a national campaign that aims to empower and increase confidence in girls playing sport, alongside advancing gender equality in all sports worldwide. From the 20th to the 26th November, most Universities are putting on free events to encourage girls across the UK to get active and try out new sports and classes. These include, fun runs, exercise classes, dance-a-thons, football tournaments and much much more - including Napathons! Sooooo I thought I would throw a little post together all about the events going on across a few universities, so YOU can get involved! I have tried to find most universities timetables, however some timetables are only available to students of that University so make sure you check your sports centres timetables if you're interested...enjoy! 


Bournemouth University - Lunchtime Walk 12:15pm.
De Montfort University - Boules/Boccia 12pm, Indoor Tennis 4:30pm.
Kings College London - HIIT 11am, Kabbaddi Taster 5pm.
Newcastle University - Fun Run 6pm
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions
Oxford Brookes University - Olympic Lifting Beginners Taster Session 6pm.
UCL - Lacrosse 12:45pm, Hockey 6pm.
University Of Bath - Rugby 7pm.
University Of Bristol - Box HIIT 8am, Fitness Pilates 1:30pm, Kick Boxercise 5pm.
University Of London - Touch rugby 7:30pm.
University Of Oxford - Yoga 10:30am, Rugby 4pm, Evening run 5pm, Female Nutrition Talk 8pm.
University Of Portsmouth -  Football 6pm, Beginners Running 6:20pm, Zumba 6:25pm.
University Of Sheffield - Women Only Gym Inductions 10-4pm, Strength Sports 4pm, Rugby Union 5pm, Water Polo 9pm. 


Bournemouth University - Self Defence Class 2pm. 
De Montfort University - Pilates 8am, Soccercise 12pm, Tag Rugby 4:30pm, Badminton 5:30pm. 
Kings College London - Yoga 7:30am, Cheerleading 5pm.
Newcastle University - A panel celebrating women in sport 5pm
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions
UCL - Barre 12pm, Rowing 6pm, Neon Rave Run 6pm, Netball Tournament 6pm
University Of Bath - Ultimate Frisbee 4:30pm. 
University Of Bristol - Pure Abs 8am, Boxercise 1pm, Yoga 5pm.
University Of Leeds - Weight Training 5:30pm.
University Of London - Social Netball 5:30pm.
University Of Oxford - Badminton 10:30am, Lacrosse 3:15pm, Spinning 5pm. 
University Of Portsmouth -  Dodgeball 6pm, Netball 7pm, Squash 7:20pm.
University Of Sheffield - Women Only Gym Inductions 10-4pm, Mountain Bike Ride 1pm, Boxing 3pm, Dodgeball 3pm, Squash 4pm, Bootcamp 5pm, Gymnastics 8:30pm. 


Bournemouth University - Female Weightlifting Class 3pm. 
De Montfort University - Dodge Ball 2:30pm, Water Polo 2:30pm, Womens Running 3:30pm. 
Kings College London - Equestrian Taster 10am-1pm, Muay Thai 1:45pm, Neon Run 7-9pm.
Newcastle University - Trampolining 7-9am, Exercise Class (LBT, Aerobics, Abs and Yoga) 1:15pm, Ultimate Frisbee 2:30pm, Jazz Dance 4pm, Pole Dancing 7pm.
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions.
UCL - Fencing 1pm, Regents Park Spinning 2pm, Frisbee 2pm, Active Power Hour 2pm, Hula Fit 3pm, Muay Thai 4pm, Heels Workshop 5pm, Jazz 7pm. 
University Of Bath - Latin and Ballroom 6pm. 
University Of Bristol - Fitness Pilates 8am, Total Toning 12pm, Piloxercise Aqua Wave 12pm, HIIT and Abs 2:15pm, Swimming 3:30pm, Zumba Piloxercise 5:30pm. 
University Of Oxford - Morning Run 7:30am, Dog Walking 12pm, Zumba 12pm, Stretch and Relax 6:30pm.
University Of Portsmouth -  Badminton 8:30pm.
University Of Sheffield - Women Only Gym Inductions 10-4pm, Social Tennis 2pm, Snowboarding/Skiing 5pm, Caving 6pm, Boxing 7pm. 


De Montfort University - Yoga 8am, Dodgeball 4pm, Basketball 8:30pm
Kings College London - Touch Rugby 5pm, Yoga 5:15pm, Squat Training 7pm.
Newcastle University - Feminist sporting heroes craft sessions 6pm, Fencing 3-5pm.
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions.
Queen Marys University - Badminton 4pm, Volleyball 5pm, Basketball 6pm, Football 5pm. 
UCL - Dance fitness 12:15pm, Rowing 6pm, Touch Rugby 7pm, Swimming 8:30pm.
University Of Bath - Yoga On Parade all day drop in, Kickboxing 2pm. 
University Of Bristol - Dance Fit 5pm, Beginners Spin 5pm, Mass Zumba 7pm, Yoga 7:30pm. 
University Of Leeds - Nutritional Workshop 3pm (on Thursday 30th). 
University Of London - Learn To Lift 11am. 
University Of Oxford - Brunch 10:30am, Box Fit 6pm, Womens Swim 6pm.
University Of Portsmouth -  Futsal 7pm, Handball 7:30pm, Female Weights Workshop 12:30pm, Nappercise 2:15pm. 
University Of Sheffield - Women Only Gym Inductions 10-4pm, Ultimate Frisbee 4pm, American Football 4pm, Hockey 4pm, Lacrosse 4pm, Cricket 6pm, Self Defence 6pm. 


Bournemouth University - Soccerise 5pm. 
De Montfort University - Table Tennis 12pm, Volleyball 5pm, Boxfit 8pm, Swimming 8:30pm. 
Kings College London - Boxing 5:30pm. 
Newcastle University -  5-a-side Women’s Football 5-6pm, Spin Class, 6-7pm.
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions. 
UCL - Squash 12:45pm, Kickboxing 5pm. 
University Of Bath - Football 10am, Fencing 5pm. 
University Of Bristol - Boxercise with Piloxercise 8am, Supple Strength 1pm, Free Weights 4pm. 
University Of Leeds - Yoga Flow 4pm. 
University Of London - Zumba Party 8:30pm. 
University Of Oxford - Triathlon 7:30am, Badminton 10:30am, Health Gym 2pm, Ultimate Frisbee 2pm, Cheerleading 6pm.
University Of Portsmouth -  Rounder 4pm, UV Netball Tournament 5pm, Racketathon 6:30pm, Touch Rugby 6:30pm, Football 7:30pm, Krava Maga 2pm. 
University Of Sheffield - Women Only Gym Inductions 10-4pm, Badminton 10am, Road ride 2pm, Football 4pm. 


Bournemouth University - UV Football 6:30pm.
De Montfort University - Indoor Football 1pm, UV Basketball 3pm.  
Newcastle UniversityWomen's only bike ride 10am, Cheerleading 5pm, Badminton 5pm, Basketball 11am-12pm. 
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions. 
UCL - Gliding Trial all day, Hiking all day, Badminton 9am. 
University Of Bristol - Yoga 9am, Swimming 12pm, Night March 6:30pm. 
University Of Oxford - Awareness Event 1pm, End of Week Celebration 7pm. 
University Of Portsmouth -  Parkrun 9am, Basketball 12:30pm. 
University Of Sheffield - Skating 1pm, Basketball 2:30pm, Swimming 4pm,


De Montfort University - Spinning 2pm, Zumba 3pm, Netball 4:30pm. 
Newcastle University - Basketball 9am, Badminton 2pm, Thai Boxing 6pm-7.30pm, Football 7pm.
Nottingham Trent University - Play For Fun Sessions
UCL - Gliding Trial all day, Netball Intro 12pm, Parkour 12:45pm. 
University Of Bristol - Boxercise 10am. 
University Of Reading - This Girl Can Festival 10am. 
University Of Sheffield - Road Bike Ride with cafe stop 9am, Rugby Union 10am, Trampolining/Dodgeball 5pm, Golf 6pm. 


Newcastle University -
Kings College London -
University Of Portsmouth -
Bournemouth University -
De Montfort University -
University Of London -
University Of Bath -
University Of Bristol -
University Of Oxford -
Nottingham Trent University -
Oxford Brookes University -
Queen Marys University -
University Of Leeds -
University Of Sheffield -
University of Reading -

And that's your lot girlies... a snapshot of some of the amazing activities going on across the UK and its' universities. Personally, the girls and I will be going along to a few of the events in Newcastle, including the run and the exercise classes, and we may even give Cheerleading a go - *dusts off the fancy dress pom poms*. I hope this has helped to show you just how many opportunities there are to get active and get involved in some amazing sports and activities at your university. And even if you're not at uni, there are so many opportunities going on next week for you too! Just visit the This Girl Can website for more information. 

Let me know if you give any of these a go, or if you have any burning questions pop 'em down below!

Lots and lots of love, Katie xo


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