Friday, 17 November 2017

The 'It's Too Busy' Workout | Fitness Friday

Hello you lovely lot and welcome back to another Fitness Friday post! This week I'm going to write up the work out that my friend and I did yesterday...prepare yourself it nearly killed us. The gym was packed and we needed something quick to get us in and out in 45 minutes, whilst making us super sweaty at the same time. It's basically a very intense HIIT routine. And the best thing about it is that you only need 3 things - a mat, a rowing machine and a weighted medicine ball. Voila! We used 4kg balls, however you can do it without or up the weight if you're feeling strong. So grab yourself the necessary bits and pieces, and plonk your ass on the're gonna be sweating in places you never you could sweat from in T - 40 minutes...

1. 500m Row (as fast as you can)
2. 10 Lunges Right Leg (hold the medicine ball)
3. 10 Lunges Left Leg (hold the medicine ball)
4. 15 Squat Jumps
5. 20 full body crunches with the medicine ball in your hands (like this, but quicker!)
6. 40 Mountain Climbers
7. 12 Push Ups

Then repeat this 5 times! Trust me on this one when I say the first 3 rounds are the worst, so push through them and do the full 5 - you'll feel it in the morning!

I hope you enjoy this sweaty session and let me know if you give it a go in the comments...

Lots of Love, Katie xo

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