Friday, 3 November 2017

Killer Leg Workout | Fitness Fridays

So I've kind of fallen off the 'Fitness Friday' bandwagon and missed a few weeks - sorry! Anyways, focusing on the positives here, I thought I would write down the workout that the girls and I just did at the gym. It focuses mainly on your quads and hamstrings mainly, however you glutes get a bit of a burn as well. So get ready to sweat girls and guys, it's a killa'.


20 minutes of Cardio - 10 minutes steady state and 10 minutes of intervals (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off).


1 a) Resistance band Squats x12
1 b) Resistance band glute abductors x12
1 c) Resistance band Straight leg side walks x15 (place the resistant band around your ankles and walk sideways)
Repeat 3 times

2 a) Leg curl machine x12
2 b) Hamstring curl with swiss ball x12 (example here)
2 c) Straight leg deadlifts with barbell x12
Repeat 3 times

3 a) Leg extension machine x12
3 b) Dumbbell lunges x10 per leg
3 c) Wall sit for 30 seconds (or until your partner(s) have finished their sets of the above if working in a group)
Repeat 3 times

4. Leg press - do 5 reps full extension and then 5 reps where you push halfway and hold, lower back down and then push to full extension (hope that makes sense...).

10 sets of...
a) Squat jumps x10
b) Glute bridges x10

And that's a wrap people... I hope you enjoy/hate this workout as much as we did, it seriously hurts and you will be wobbling back home (don't even attempt the stairs!!). Let me know if you have any questions down below, I am by no means a professional but I will give it my best shot at answering any queries.

Lots of love, Katies xo

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