Saturday, 21 October 2017

Top 4 Tips To Crack A Hangover

Hangovers are the devil. And over the last couple of weeks mine have been getting worse and worse (I blame my old age...). So I thought I'd put together a little post all about my top tips to cure slightly improve said hangover. Also my best friend is currently sat next to me - hanging like a bat - giving me her pearls of wisdom, so you're getting advice from the expert...


I know you've heard it all before - admittedly probably from your mother - but it has been proven that eating a healthy meal before a night out can reduce the effects of a hangover the morning after. Nutritionists suggest eating a meal that is nutrient rich, think lots of vitamins and protein - but lets face it, not everyone is going to pre with a kale salad... I just make sure I eat enough before going out so that I have a full stomach and won't be on the floor after a single glass of wine (trust me it's happened before!).


No not a beer. We're talking water here. A hangover is basically your body becoming extremely dehydrated. So before heading out on the town, grab yourself a pint glass and fill it with water, put it by your bed and make yourself down it when you get back home. Trust me you'll thank me in the morning! Alternatively in the morning grab yourself an isotonic drink for example Lucozade to help balance those electrolytes. 


Never ever skip breakfast after a heavy night out. No matter how much your stomach is churning, you need to get some food in there to settle the shakes. Skip the sugary cereals and go straight for something filling and substantial, such as porridge, eggs or fruit. Or go all out and cook yourself the full works - think bacon, egg, sausages, beans... mmm!


If I had my way when I am hungover, I would stay in bed, completely burrito-ified in my duvet for the entire day. However we all know, deep deep down, that that is probably the worst thing to do. So get yourself out of that cocoon, shove some shoes on and get outside. Whether that's for a run (are you mad?) or just a walk round the corner to the supermarket for that much needed orange juice and paracetamol, it's good to get out in the open - if only for just 5 minutes!

And that's everything you lovely lot! I hope this has helped in one way or another, whether you're reading this for future reference or if you're currently hanging desperately trying to find that 'hangover cure' (spoiler alert: it doesn't exist!). What's your top tip for busting that pesky hangover? Let me know in the comments below...

Lots of love, Katie xo

p.s. all pictures were taken at a Cheese and Wine night, pre hangover...

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