Tuesday, 10 October 2017

City Guide - Dubrovnik, Croatia

...i.e. our last stop *cry*

Hello again and welcome back to the Interrailing series! This post is going to be all about our last stop on our trip - Dubrovnik...and more importantly the home of Game Of Thrones - queue the fangirl squeals... I was so excited to spend a few days here purely for this fact alone, even if we did have to convince Lucy that yes she did want to go on the Game Of Thrones tour, and yes she did want to go to Kings Landing... Anyways, you know the drill by now, here are our best bits from Dubrovnik, enjoy!

As with everywhere else we stayed, Dubrovnik was no exception when we decided to stay in a hostel. We stayed in Hostel Lina which is a family ran business, that has three rooms each with there own kitchen and bathroom attached to them. It was so clean and well kept that it honestly felt like our own little apartment. Our room had two sets of bunkbeds in them with full sized wardrobes that were big enough to put our rucksacks in. The hostel also provided free transfer from the bus, train and ferry port, and the daughter of the family even took us to the airport on our final day. I would highly highly recommend Hostel Lina as despite the distance from the Old Town (25 minute walk), the family truly make you feel completely at home and comfortable. 


We ate/drank out in three places in Dubrovnik - and although they were quite pricey compared to other places we visited, I would 100% recommend all of them. Firstly we went to Buza Bar, which is also known as 'Hole In The Wall' as it literally is just that. We stumbled across this little bar completely by accident whilst wandering around the Old Town and ended up spending 3 hours drinking more Rosé than we can remember whilst staring out over the Adriatic Sea. It was bliss. It is the teeniest of bars situated literally in a cliff, so if you fancy going, just pop it in Google Maps (I couldn't tell you where it was if I tried!).

Secondly we went up the Dubrovnik Cable Car and had Cake up at the top whilst watching the sunset. A top tip would be to book in advance if you want to sit outside as it gets very very busy in Summer time. Finally, we went for lunch on our last day at Poklisar, which was situated in the square by the marina in the Old Town. It was a lovely pizzeria that also served pasta and salads. I would recommend this restaurant as it was reasonably priced in comparison to some other places within the Old Town, however if you are looking for cheaper eats you're best to head out of the touristy hub.


We spent 2 full days in Dubrovnik and got up to a few different bits and pieces whilst we were there. On the first day we ventured into the Old Town in search for a Game Of Thrones fix. We decided to go up the City Wall and walk around by ourselves rather than go on the tour, so we had a bit more freedom. I can honestly say it is exactly like the film, and the views are insane. It took us roughly 2 hours to walk around the wall, however you could spent longer up there as there were multiple restaurants and cafes that you could visit along the way. After the city wall, we went and sat on the south side of the wall by the sea and people watched for a few hours. Again the views were amazing and the atmosphere was amazing as it seemed like a very popular spot for locals.

On the second (and last, waaah...) day we decided to go and find a beach. We went to Bellevue beach which took us 40 minutes to walk to, but it is easily accessible by car and also bus. The beach was gorgeous - as per usual in Croatia - and we spent the whole day sunbathing here. There was also a hotel and a beach bar at this beach, if you do fancy anything to eat or drink during your stay. Finally, as mentioned above, we went up the Dubrovnik Cable Car. There is also a trekking path up to the view point if you do fancy some exercise - but if you're like us and just want the pretty views and cake, I'd recommend the cable car...! 

And that's your lot people! Everything we got up to in Dubrovnik. And that's also the end of this little Interrailing series! I hope you enjoyed the posts and I also hope they were useful for anyone wanting to visit Croatia and/or Interrail. I would highly recommend everything I've mentioned in these posts and I am seriously jealous of anyone off on their adventures after reading these...

Happy Travelling people!

Lots of love, Katie xo

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