Sunday, 15 October 2017

4 Music Artists You Should Be Listening To

If you know me well, you'll know that I have some sort of music on 24/7 (apologies to my flat mates...). I have always loved music, whether it's playing it or listening to it. I would never describe myself as having a specific 'taste' in music...I mean I'm not a die hard rock fan and you will never catch me in a heavy metal mosh pit, but I would say that I do like most genres of music. Most of my friends from senior school would say that I am a sucker for anything in the charts (guilty as charged), but nowadays I do also like the odd 'singer songwriter' tune. So I thought I would write a post all about 4 of my favourite singers of the moment. Lets get started...


Starting it off with a classic. I've loved all of Frances' music for about 3 years now. She is a singer songwriter from Oxford whose songs come under the pop, folk and soul genres (I know what a mix...!). From her social media accounts - which I follow avidly - she seems like such a down to earth girl who is living her dream, creating and performing music that she loves. My favourite songs of hers are Don't Worry About Me, Grow and Say It Again, but honestly her new album 'Things I've Never Said' has been all I've been listening to recently...


Now this is a more recent discovery and one that I've had to do a bit of research on. Whilst doing said research, I discovered that she's only 15 years old...15!!! Which just makes this girl even more amazing than I thought. She released her debut single Ocean Eyes in 2016 and has just released her newest single 'Watch'. I also love the Ocean Eyes remix by GOLDHOUSE. You just have to listen to her stuff to hear how amazing she is...


After reading Hannah-Maes post all about Sarah Close, I have become obsessed. Like,  follow all of her social media, listen to her spotify on repeat obsessed. Ok that sounds weird, but seriously, she's awesome. She is such a beautiful singer, and songwriter who deserves so many more followers than she has. sarah released her EP - Caught Up - at the start of this year and has also just released a new single called Only You, which is 100% my favourite. 


If you have been living under a rock (or simply don't follow me on instagram!) you will not know that I went travelling this summer to Croatia with my two besties. We stayed in hostels over the two weeks and met some amazing people, some of which were three girls from Australia whilst we were in Hvar. Long story short, we ended up stuck in our room together for the whole day, so needless to say we stuck on each others spotify's and got listening. The girls were obsessed with Chet Faker and after a few hours of listening to him on repeat, so was I...He is an Australian singer who has been releasing music since 2011, and his most recent album is Built On Glass which was released in 2014. My favourite songs from this album are Talk Is Cheap and Gold. Go give him a listen!

I'll leave all of the Artists links below just incase anyone fancies a listen...

Frances - Instagram, Twitter and Spotify
Billie Eilish - Instagram, Twitter and Spotify
Sarah Close - Instagram, Twitter and Spotify
Chet Faker - Instagram and Spotify

Hope you enjoyed this post, and will give some of these artists a listen...who are your favourite singers that you're obsessed with at the moment?

Lots of love, Katie xo

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