Sunday, 22 October 2017

10 Things I Love About Sundays

...and in particular Sundays in Autumn/Winter!

Sunday is hands down my favourite day of the week. Whether it's spent with family, friends or just having some me time it always has that cosy, warming feeling attached to it. I 100% put it down to all my Sundays growing up being family orientated, sat by the fire, watching films with mum and dad. Yes, even when we lived in Portugal Mum made a point of putting the fire on in Autumn. So I thought I would write a list all about the bits and bobs I love about Sundays, so sit back, relax and rest those roast filled tummies...

1. Speaking of, Roast dinners are the bees knees. Whether they're home made (shoutout to Dad for being the best roast chef in the world - sorry Mum!) or from the pub, you just can't beat it. My personal favourite is roast beef - I mean, yorkshire puddings...

2. Lie ins - whether I'm recovering from the night before, or just having an extra hour in bed, there is nothing better than staying cocooned in bed on a Sunday.

3. Living in the countryside, my family and I will usually go for a walk on a Sunday. I love squeezing on my wellies and coat and finding new places in the Cotswolds, as well as re-walking the old classics round the village.

4. Whilst I'm at University, one of my favourite things to do is heading down to the beach for fish and chips and a hot chocolate. It brings back so many happy memories of Freshers week last year. I've written a whole blog post on my love for the beach, so check it out here.

5. Sunday night television is up there as one of the best nights, with the exception of Tuesday at the moment - GBBO and Our Girl hello?!. But anyways, I love Sundays as both Strictly and X Factor is on...I know I'm a 60 year old woman living in a 20 year olds body! 

6. Keeping up with the 60 year old thing, I also tend to fall asleep on the sofa whilst watching said programmes, and I kinda love it.

7. Sunday nights also tend to mean pamper nights for me. Well when I can be bothered anyways...and by pampering I mean I will put a face mask on for like 10 minutes - so yeah...

8. Here comes the Virgo in me...I actually kind of enjoy getting all my bits and pieces in line for the week ahead. Lists and Calendars are my thing, so in an attempt to get organised (I try...) these both are part of my Sunday routine - call me sad I know...

9. When we were little, we used to always play some sort of board game after dinner on a Sunday. Being the least competitive member of my fam, I used to love it - I think the others found it quite stressful (cough mum and Ben...). My faves were Cluedo, Pass the Bomb and good old Monopoly.

10. Following a roast, my mum used to make my favourite dessert EVER - Apple Crumble and homemade custard. Enough said right?

And that's a wrap! I hope you've enjoyed this random post and have learnt a little bit more about my weird and wonderful love for Sundays! Now, grab yourself some Apple Crumble  and nab yourself a spot on the sofa - X Factor is about to start!

Lots of love, Katie xo

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