Monday, 25 September 2017

What University Has Taught Me... | 5. SECOND YEAR FLATS

Hello you lovely lot, I'm back on the internet (again...)! 

Last week, the girls and I moved into our first flat together - exciting times I know! We've had the whole of this week sorting out odds and ends, and we have finally sorted everything out (touch wood), minus a few teething problems. I thought I would throw a blog post together with a list of tips and tricks on what to organise, when moving into your first University flat.

NOTE: this has nothing to do with University accommodation, for first years (trust me that bit's easy compared to this adulting business...)


...she says sat in Starbucks freezing her ass off as yes, we have no wifi for two more weeks! Yay (note the sarcasm...). Basically we majorly f*cked up. So during the summer holidays before you move into your flat, get in contact with your landlord to double and triple check what wifi your house is eligible for. Then get yourself sat down at a computer and do some internet searching on the cheapest student deal you can find. In our area, we can only have Virgin, Plus Net and EE, which are all quite pricey, but at the start of the year they all do pretty good deals - that your overdraft can hopefully handle! If you sort this out early, you won't be in my situation scrounging off friends wifi and buying endless amounts of Starbucks Hot Chocolate to get me through my 'Wifi To Do list'!


The majority of rental properties don't include a bill provider for you to pay your gas, electricity and water bills to. So that is something that you have to sort out when you move in. I'd recommend either going into your nearest shopping centre and talking to someone, or just getting yourself on Money Saving Experts Cheap Energy Club which is basically a foolproof comparison website where you can compare all of the energy providers in your area. Another tip would be to steer clear from the 'Big Six' Energy Providers, as they are usually the more expensive ones that cost a bomb to switch from. We scrolled through the comparison website for a good hour just searching for one with the cheapest fixed rate tariff but also with good customer service reviews. 


A quick tip would be to flick your heating on for an hour of two just to double check that everything is working as soon as you get there. There is nothing worse than not using your boiler until mid December when you really need it and then realising that your boiler has been bust for the last two months! Also check that all of your radiators have been bled recently, and if they haven't ask someone in the know to do it for you (Hello helpful Dads) the first time - it's trickier than it looks!


Within the first few weeks you will probably have lots of little bits as a flat that you will all want to buy. For us this included a TV, TV license and microwave, among other things. We all made sure to keep a note (that gradually turned into an A4 long list) of everything that everyone had spent, so we could easily figure out what we all owed each other. 


This is just a general note for all returning students, but make sure you head over to your student union, or wherever your registering point is, to scan your student card to officially register for that university year. I completely forgot that I had to do this this year as in Freshers it's just a natural progression when you first register with the University and receive your student ID. I'd also recommend going as soon as possible to skip the queues, you forget how many students there actually are in the whole university, let alone only on your course!


I know this is an obvious one, but make sure you get out and about in your new neighbourhood. For me, I have moved literally to the other side of the city and had never really been over here last year. Therefore I was am completely disorientated and have absolutely no idea where I am. So in order to make myself feel a little more comfortable and aware of where I am we have been walking literally everywhere and have even walked to and from uni already to try and find the way there before lectures start. Whether you take yourself out for a run or drag your whole flat out to try your local pub or bar, it will make you feel more at home. New places are exciting!

And that's a wrap you Second Years! Enjoy your new home and the upcoming semester. Let me know if you enjoy these university themed posts and I will try and write a few more. Any topic suggestions, pop them down in the comments box! 

Lots of Love, Katie xo

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