Monday, 25 September 2017

City Guide - Zagreb, Croatia

The first stop on our Interrailing trip was Zagreb - the capital city of Croatia. We flew into this beautiful city at 12pm and hopped in a taxi to our hostel. We spent 4 days in Zagreb, however I feel like you could really fit everything in to 2 full days and 3 nights. The weather was good for the majority of the trip, however we did have a whole day where it chucked it down, so these suggestions are for all weather situations! Enjoy...


As we were on a budget, we stayed in hostels throughout our whole trip. In Zagreb we stayed in the Chillout Hostel, which was based smack bang in the middle of the city centre. We stayed in an 8 bed room, that consisted of 4 bunk beds, in a questionable green colour...the beds were relatively comfortable and the showers and toilets were clean. The receptionists and staff were so so friendly and helpful with our million and one questions. We met some lovely people in this hostel, however decided not to go out in the evenings as we were saving ourselves for Hvar (another blog post to come). The hostel ran a Bar Crawl every night, that cost 20 Kuna, however we usually just stayed downstairs for drinks at the bar until 10:30pm when the bar crawl left. In the mornings the hostel also had a deal with the opposite cafe so you could get breakfast at a good price. 


Speaking of food, we did a lot of eating in Zagreb, mainly because it was so cheap - and because we were completely oblivious to a little thing called budgeting! On the first day we went to Submarine Burgers and sat in the town square people watching - my favourite past time. I had a Tuna salad that was huge and so filling, but just what I wanted! We also went to Nokturno - twice... - for a salad and also Pizza the following night. One morning we ventured out for breakfast as we were all craving fruit and yogurt. Now I can't actually remember the name of the restaurant, but I do know that there were plenty of restaurants in the town square serving breakfast outside. If you know me well, you'll know that I'm a big fan girl for all things Ice Cream based, so it will come as no surprise when I say that we found the best ice cream in Zagreb. The frozen dessert in question comes from Specijaliteti na Terasi. There were about 40 flavours to choose from and it was just delicious!


We spent a grand total of 4 days in Zagreb and definitely ran the city dry on Tourist attractions. We did them all! To start off with we went up to see St Marks Church and Cathedral in the Old Town. The Old Town is full of culture and many many markets that you can find all sorts of nik-naks! If you ask anyone in Zagreb on the top attractions, they will more than likely say that the Museum of Broken Relationships is a must. The museum makes you both laugh and cry within seconds of each other, and I can honestly say its the most interesting and entertaining museum I have ever been to. You really have to go to understand what it's all about, but the museum showcases individuals break up stories - sounds deep I know, but its actually quite funny at times I promise! We also visited the Museum of Illusions on a rainy day, which definitely bought the inner 5 year old out in all of us! 

On our third day we got up early and walked down to the bus station to head off to the Plitvice Lakes. It took 2 hours to transport us from a city centre to stunning clear turquoise lakes with huge waterfalls. I wouldn't recommend doing a tour as walking around by yourself gives you way more freedom to go wherever you like at your own pace. During our stay in Zagreb we also had plenty of extra time, so we wandered over to some of the parks outside the art museum to do a bit of sun worshipping and book reading. Although we had a very relaxing time in Zagreb, we definitely could have done it in 3 days and had more time in the Coastal areas of Croatia such as Split and Hvar (top tip for young travellers!)

So there we have it, all there is to do in Zagreb - the capital city of Croatia. This blog is completely honest, so in my humble opinion, Zagreb is not the most interesting place in Croatia, however there are many things that you can do if it is a stop over on your trip. I would definitely recommend going in either July or August to get the best weather, and would say that 3 days is plenty to fit in all of the attractions. I hope you found this post heplful and interesting - keep an eye out for more travel posts coming your way!

Just as a side note, I have just moved back to University and into a new flat so our wifi is extremely dodgy - hence the lack of posts recently - but I am still here I promise (can't get rid of me that easily)!

Lots of love, Katie xo


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