Thursday, 28 September 2017

City Guide - Spilt, Croatia

Hello you lovely lot!

If you can't tell from the title, this blog post will be a guide all about Split in Croatia. This is my third installment of these city guides from when I went travelling, so check out my others on Zagreb and Rijeka here. This one's going to be a little shorter as we didn't spend that much time in Spilt, however I will share with you the bits and pieces that we would recommend... thank you for stopping by!


We stayed in Split for two nights in a lovely hostel called CroParadise Green. Well I say Hostel it was more of an apartment with three rooms of three beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. We loved staying here as we had a whole room all to ourselves where we could really feel at home, unlike some of the larger dorms we had previously been in. Its location was very central and the girls who checked us in and looked after us were very helpful and informative. Each room also had a MacBook desktop for you to use to search things, and also a TV with thousands of films. This was so useful as the weather wasn't too fab whilst we were there so  it gave us something to do one night. They also have a storage room where you can leave your backs either before you check in at 3pm, or check out after 10am.


We only ate out twice in Split, and by eat out I mean we had Ice Cream one night in the city centre and we had some lunch by the pool, but I would recommend both so here they are... The ice cream was from a small independent ice cream stand outside the many restaurants along the main high street of the old town. They had so many different flavours and I would highly recommend it. We had some lunch at The Booze Beach Bar which is about a 20 minute walk out of Split, however it is the nearest beach to the city centre. The food was nice, but extremely expensive in comparison to what we were used to in Rijeka and Zagreb, so just beware to budget this in! We also filled our boots with tonnes of pastries from many of Splits bakeries, which you can literally find around every corner of the city - a carb lovers dream!


As we only had two full days in Split, we decided to go to the beach one day, walk around the city in the evening and then visit the Krka Waterfalls on our other full day. The beach we went to was called the Bacvice Beach, which was about a 20 minute walk from the city centre. It's more of a sea wall than a beach, but they had a tonne of sunbeds at reasonable prices and the water was nice and warm to swim in. They also have a 'Beach Gym' which was quite entertaining to say the least! On our second day we decided to go to Krka National Park to see the waterfalls. If you do want to go I would recommend going early morning and getting there for when it opens, as it gets very busy and touristy very quickly. I would also recommend going to Plitvic Lakes over Krka even though you can't swim there, as it feels more natural and there is definitely less of a 'tourist hype'. It was definitely a been there done that and got the picture moment! We spent our evenings aimlessly wandering round the old town and it was honestly stunning. The atmosphere was amazing and so chilled, with people sitting outside on cushions listening to live music, sipping on Croatian wine - so classy! I would love to go back to Split to go and do the Blue Lagoon caves and also to explore more of the city and it's history.

 And that's Split in a whirlwind 2 days! I hope you enjoyed this little post about the bits and pieces we got up to. Stay tuned for my next travel post all about the one and only Hvar - the party island of Croatia! Trust me it's a good'un!

Lots of love, Katie xo


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