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City Guide - Rijeka, Croatia

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug) you'll know that the girls and I have been travelling for two weeks around Croatia - apologies for the consistent spam, it's just such a stunning country, I couldn't resist!!! Anyways, as you can tell by the title, this post is going to be all about Rijeka, our second stop on our whistle stop tour of Croatia. Enjoy!

So as usual, here's a little back story. As I said before Rijeka was our second stop and we travelled here by train from Zagreb which took us roughly four hours. Easy Peasy! We arrived in the city and got a taxi to our hostel as it was quite a trek away. We stayed in Rijeka for 2 nights but had 3 days in total as we were getting a night train on our final day. Here's what we got up to...


We stayed in Ho(s)tel 1W in Rijeka. It was smack bang in the centre of the city, so the location is perfect for anyone travelling without a car. It describes itself as a cross between a hostel and a hotel, and I couldn't agree more. Everything is so modern and so clean, with such a relaxing feel to the whole place. The hostel is situated on the second floor of a massive building, and when we arrived we honestly thought we were in the completely wrong place as the staircase up to the hostel felt like some sort of haunted house - but as soon as you get through the front doors this all changes I promise! We were in a dorm off 8 people, however it wasn't the most social of hostels as it attracts more mature travellers rather than hard party goers! The kitchen and bathrooms are also very clean and have everything in them that you could possibly need. The staff were also very friendly, and overall I would highly recommend this hostel for anyone staying in Rijeka for a few nights!


We didn't do a lot of eating out in Rijeka - mainly because we had blew our budget in Zagreb (oops...), however we did go out for dinner twice. The first place we went to we Submarine Burgers, which is a Croatian chain that we had visited in Zagreb once before. We loved the burgers that much that when we saw the little yellow sign there was no stopping us! I had the Italian Burger and we also all shared some fries. Delish! We then asked our hostel host for some recommendations of places to go for Pizza (surprise surprise!), which he immediately recommended Boonker which is situated on the marina looking over all the boats. It is known for its Pizza and its coffee and I can report back that it lives up to both expectations and more! We went one night for dessert and all had Crepes and shared a bottle of wine, which was lovely. There is a fab atmosphere in there at night and it is also a lovely place to watch the sunset. We also went before our Night train to try the infamous Pizzas, and they did not disappoint! I had the proscuitto and rocket and the girls had the Vegetarian and the ham and pepperoni pizza. If you're hungry look away now, you have been warned! 


We spent 3 days in Rijeka and mainly just pottered around the city and did our fair share of sun bathing by the beaches. I would recommend taking a hike up to the Castle at the top of the town. Make sure you take your trainers, the stairs are a killer and will definitely work off those tequila shots from the night before! Once we got up there it was completely free and the views were insane. They also had a lovely cafe/bar up there that many people recommend, however it may be on the pricier side. We spent about 2 hours up there wandering round the castle and its surroundings and getting those all important instagram pics! That same day we also took ourselves down to the marina to do some snooping around the Yachts - we found our dream boat if you'd like to take a peak here! The following day we wanted to go and find a beach, so we got up at 9 and trekked across the city along the coast until we eventually found the Sablicevo beach, which was about a 40 minute walk from the main city. It was stunning and so so quiet. And no before you ask, the pictures are not photoshopped, the sea is that blue! We had the most relaxing day ever, just lounging by the water, having a quick dip and reading our books - bliss.

And there we have it, my little city guide all about Rijeka, the infamously beautiful city in Croatia. I hope you're enjoying these posts and they're useful for any of you travellers out there. If any else has ever been to Rijeka and has any other recommendations, feel free to pop them down below in the comments...

Lots of love, Katie xo

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