Sunday, 17 September 2017

20th Birthday Bubbles

I know, I know, this post is long overdue, but I've just found a few pictures that were taken when we went out for lunch on my birthday (a whole three weeks ago now!). So here are a few of said pictures and I also thought I would do a mini restaurant review on The Canal House in Birmingham whilst I'm at it.

The Canal House is a relatively new restaurant that has opened in Birmingham near the ICC and Birmingham Library. It is extremely similar to The Botanist and The Alchemist, which are two upcoming popular restaurants. In fact, the menu is practically identical to The Botanists, so I'm guessing they might be in the same family...


As it was my birthday we all splashed out and went for a few cocktails to begin with. The girls had Smoking Daisies, which came in a very fancy smoking glass, and I had The Lady Killer (questionable name I know...) which was very strong and very sweet - perfect for the birthday girl eh?!


We then shared one of the sharing platters as a starter, consisting of honey coated chorizo, olives, hummus, chicken wings, foccacia bread, quinoa salad and camembert cheese (How fancy!). We all went for a variety of mains including the chicken burger, hanging halloumi kebab with sweet potato fries and my parents had a few of the salads which looked lovely. I had the duck leg with vegetables and mixed greens. The boys then shared a hot cookie and ice cream thing, which smelt amazing and looked pretty damn cool too. All the food was delicious and I would highly, highly recommend!


Oh I do hate being negative, but if I'm completely honest, the service was pants... Now, whether this is to do with it being a new business or a lack of training I don't know, but the waiters and waitresses were so unenthusiastic and actually quite unhelpful! Our drinks order got lost so we were left waiting for quite a while, and the girl who served us made everything quite complicated and confusing - not what you want when your two cocktails and a few glasses of Prosecco down...! However, they did have a lovely girl playing the guitar and singing, which half made up for the service, or lack of...

The actual restaurant was beautifully decorated with these mismatch glass decorations, and as a bit of an interiors enthusiast (/saddo...) I spent the majority of the meal staring up at the ceilings taking in all the different aspects and colours. It was super cool! They also had a lovely outdoor terrace right on the canal, where people were having a few drinks as the sunset.

Regardless of the service I would still recommend the Canal House, as the food was delicious and it is a gorgeous gorgeous building and setting. It would be particularly useful if you were heading to a concert or show at the ICC or NEC nearby. I had an amazing birthday with my lovely friends and family, and was spoilt rotten! Where is your favourite restaurant? And what is your dream birthday day?

Lots of love, Katie xo


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