Friday, 25 August 2017

What's In My Bag? - Festival Edition


This Saturday, three friends and I are off to get our boogie on at Creamfields. And I cannot wait. It's going to be my first ever festival. Yes I am that late to the party and I honestly feel like a 15 year old trying to sneak in a six-pack of Dark Fruits into their first Reading Festival...but regardless I am SO SO SO SO excited! Here are a few bits and pieces I am packing in my sexy bum bag...


This is a bit of an obvious one as it basically comes with me everywhere. Not only is it handy for taking pictures with, but it is so so important to have a fully charged phone if you lose your friends you're there with. We have the Find My Friends App all set up just i case one of us gets lost - which knowing the group of girls I am going with, it will inevitably be me who manages that...anyone else the clumsy friend...?! 


This snazzy pair are from Topshop. I bought them a few months ago so I doubt they are still in stock, so I will link some similar pairs here. As I am going to festival and will no doubt drop/lose them, I didn't want to take my most expensive pair of sunnies, however I also still wanted to have some sort of protection from the sun (if it ever makes an appearance!), so opted for this pair instead of my Primark glasses that are purely for aesthetic purposes!


Now don't get me wrong, I love a good matte liquid lipstick - cue Anastasia Beverly Hills everlasting Lipstick - however they can get a bit drying and uncomfortable to wear, especially throughout the whole day. So for Creamfields I think I'm just going to pop this lipgloss in my bag as it looks good for about an hour and then gradually wears away without leaving any bizarre lines around your mouth - trust me it's not a good look...


Another obvious one as you're gonna need some dollar for all the Festival food and drink, as well as any other bits and pieces you want to pick up. I'm taking this small purse from New Look that isn't too bulky, but also not too tiny that I will lose it (note the common theme of losing things here...).


I mean, it's going to happen. You'll be desperate for the toilet and queueing up for the portaloos, and as soon as you get in there they will have run out of soap...But no need to fear, Katie's come prepared for once with this teeny tiny hand sanitizer!


Same applied here as with the sanitizer, we've all had to do the shake haven't we ladies?!


And another essential! Ok so maybe not so essential, and it's completely personal preference, but I know for the girls and I, glitter is half the fun of actually going to the festival in the first place. The glitter I have got is from Dust and Dance, and I did a whole blog post about the sparkly stuff here. Go check it out!


The bag in question is this Bum Bag or Fanny pack from Herschel. I can't find the exact pattern but this is the same bag in different colours for you all. I bought this one at a street market in Victoria, Vancouver Island, whilst on holiday for roughly $10, so if you're in the US or Canada keep an eye out for good bargains at markets, as I know these bags can sometimes get a bit pricey.

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed a little snoop through my bag and maybe have come away with a few tips and tricks. If anyone is headed to any festivals in the near future, have an amazing time, party hard and stay safe!

Lots of love, Katie xo


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