Sunday, 20 August 2017

What University Has Taught Me... | 4. DORM ROOM

For me, one of the most exciting thing (besides meeting new friends!) about going to university for the first time was moving into and decorating a new room. This time last year I was that girl who literally gathered a whole box of 'stuff' together that was completely unnecessary to decorate her dorm room with. Only then did I start to think about the essential things like pots and pans. So I thought today I would run through some things I did to make my room feel cosy and a bit more like home, when I moved into University for the first time...


Photos are key when you're trying to make your new room feel more like a bedroom and less like a hotel room. I printed mine out at Boots for about £7 - but I know you can get some even cheaper from websites such as SnapFish. I then hung mine from my endless supply of fairy lights with these cute little washing line pegs that I got from WHSmiths. But some other ideas would be to stick them on your walls using white tak (note the white not blue) or to stick them on your wardrobe door or around your mirror. A friend of mine also had them laid out on her desk with a see through writing mat over the top, which looked very sweet.


I mean, no room - and especially bedroom - is complete without a tonne of twinkling fairy lights is it?! I got mine from Ikea as they were the cheapest battery packed ones that I could find. Most student flats (first years accomodation) don't let you plug fairy lights in due to fire hazards and energy expenditure, so it is safer (for everyone) just to go for battery packed. It also saves you the hassle of draping wires across your floor, just so you can place your lights in the perfect place! You can also get some cheap ones from Ebay, Amazon and Tiger.


Ok so yes this plant is dead...and yes it is a cactus that apparently 'don't die'...but somehow I managed to kill it... don't ask me how, I am as clueless as you are right now! But anyways, regardless of the fact that I am an incompetent adult, plants are a great thing to have in a university dorm room. Try to choose either cacti or succulents as they are apparently easier to keep alive and less hassle. I beg to differ...


If you are moving out for the first time, it is more that likely that you will have a lot of 'stuff' - my old head misress would slaughter me for using that word, but it is true. I arrived at halls in September with bags and boxes of clobber, and nothing to actually store them in. So off I went to Ikea with Dad once more to get some storage. I managed to find this free standing storage unit on wheels (catchy name...) that was super handy for storing all my makeup and hair bits that I couldn't fit on my desk. I also bought this hanging storage thing, that I hung on the back of my bathroom door, to store all my shower bits and pieces. For all other bits and pieces that didn't find in my miniscule wardrobe - i.e. cleaning things, towels, spare bedding etc. - I just bought some clear plastic boxes that I stored under my desk but most places will have under the bed storage. My accomodation did actually provide under the bed storage, however I only found this the day I was moving out...useful Katie!

And that's everything! I really enjoyed living in my cosy little room last year, and I truly believe that if it wasnt for all these bits and pieces, I would've felt a lot more home sick than I did. I can't believe how fast first year has gone, however writing this has got me all excited for when I move into the new flat in September!

Are you moving into University Dorms in September? What is the number one thing you like to have in your room to make it special to you?

Lots of love, Katie xo


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