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Guest Post: 'Start Again September' | Fitness Fridays


So last week I told my lovely mum about me starting this blog. And she was way more enthusiastic about the whole situation than I could have ever imagined! So much so, that she asked if she could do a 'Guest Post' - I loved the idea and here we are. And what better post for her to star in than a fitness friday special. Mum has worked in the fitness industry as a PT (she hates that title) and more recently as a Women's Fitness and Motivation Coach, so I like to think she's pretty qualified to write this post and give you all the best information possible! Enjoyyy...

You know you've done it. And if you don't preempt it right now, it’s likely you'll do it again...

The “begin again syndrome” is just around the corner. In a couple of weeks, a huge percentage of us will be saying things such as “back to it, no more treats, let’s get back to normal or need to be strict with myself”. But what you must understand is this - Your body is clever. Your metabolism will defend your current weight and your brain will protect its preferred habits.

They both work together to scupper your attempts to toughen up. Realizing this should help you understand why it is fruitless to try and change everything all at once.

You can’t wake up on the 1st September decide that you will never eat anything BAD ever again, plan a workout schedule that has you kicking your own butt every day of the week and expect to make progress.

You must consider your body’s reaction to your tough approach. There’s a reason why your motivation sleep and mood suffers after a few days. There’s a reason why you struggle to control your levels of hunger and cravings and why your energy levels fall.

You can’t rely on your will power alone to get you through. You must be smarter.

Here’s are my top tips how...


Yes, I get it, It feels like failure. You feel like you should be able to do better. But instead of promising yourself to go for a run/go to class/go to the gym/swim etc 7 days of the week for 1 hr, plan to go 3 times for 30 mins. Then when you have been consistent for 4 weeks increase it if you wish


Stop putting an eating plan together of things you really don’t like. Instead of asking “What should I be eating” ask “what do I love to eat?” and make sure some of this food features alongside all the “good stuff”.


Actually just anticipate NORMAL. Plan and shop for your “ideal” day, but also plan for the days you need to stay late at work. Plan for having to grab and go. Plan for when you must travel. What are you going to do in these situations?


Oh..Plan and for the weekend too. What are you prepared to do? Your rules.

This is a smarter approach. There’s no starting over. There’s no tightening up. There’s just pushing on through, adjusting where you must. Accepting that you will NEVER arrive, but loving that about your incredible body 

So there you have it, tips from an expert on how to achieve a consistent lifestyle change slowly and not in one huge whirlwind of a ride that ultimately is unsustainable. I hope you enjoyed this little motivational blog post from Mummy Harding, and hopefully I will be able to steal some more of her knowledge for future blog posts for you all!

Lots of love, Katie and Allison xo


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  2. aw it's so sweet hat your mum has got involved with your blog! i mean mine is like my biggest fan (total babe) and reads every post, but so sweet your mum wanted to get involved!

    some really good tips too. i like how 'plan for the weekend' has it's own header because my entire diet/fitness regime goes out the window the split second it turns 5pm on friday. satuday and sunday were not made for dieting haha

    katie. xx

    1. Hahah shes such a cutie!
      Oh my days me too...weekends = partying, good food, and maybe one too many mojitos!! But I do always feel rubbish come monday maybe that has to change some time soon!!


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