Tuesday, 8 August 2017

20 Days Until I Turn 20

July has been and gone and now we're 8 days into August. My favourite month. I bet you can't guess why? It's ma birthday month - wooo! And this year I turn 20 - I know, my mum can't believe it either. As I leave my teenage years behind, I'm starting to think about the next year and everything I'm excited for. So naturally, being a Virgo, I'm going to make a list (yay!) of 20 things I'm looking forward to in this coming year.

1. Moving in with my 2 girlies
2. Interrailing and Island Hopping through Croatia
3. Visiting my best friend in her new home in Bristol
4. Doing more girly weekends with my two favourite ladies - my mumma and grandma
5. Accepting me for me and feeling more confident in my body
6. Along with number 5, enjoying working out again - making the priority feeling not looking 'better'
7. Seeing Little Mix live - 15 year old Katies dream!
8. Going to my first music festival
9. Seeing my little brother settling into his first year of university
10. Going into and (hopefully) surviving my second year...
11. Exploring this blogging world
12. Visiting Portugal more often to see my oldest bestie
13. Exploring more of Newcastle and not spending all my time in Soho...
14. Going skiing in Easter with my 3 Uni girls - Aprés Ski here we come!
15. Getting back into playing music and dusting off that cello and guitar
16. Spending time with my old flat mates (you're not getting rid of me that easily lovelies)
17. Taking a trip with Caitlin (featured in the picture above) to Paris to see our friend studying there.
18. Hopefully planning a big girls holiday for 2018
19. Staying in touch with old school friends that I haven't seen in a while
20. Meeting new friends and making new memories (cheeeeeese)

Lots of Love, Katie xo


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