Saturday, 5 August 2017

12 Places To Eat In Seattle

So everyone knows that I kinda like going out for food... (I am the worst student ever...). Lets just get stuck into the post shall we?

p.s. disclaimer - apologies if this makes you hungry!


1. Baccos Barista - this place is so good, that we went back 4 times... My recommendation would be the Lox and asparagus sandwich with either potatoes or salad. On a side note, if you're not from the USA (like moi) don't be shocked when every breakfast - and I mean everything - comes with potatoes, including pancakes (?!?!) ...just a heads up!

2. Lowells - no pictures unfortunately as I was way too hungry. Lowells is found in Pikes Place and has an amazing view of the sea. I had the Breakfast Bowl, but they literally have everything from a Full American Breakfast to Omelettes to Eggs Benedict. The only down side is that there aren't many seats so most people go upstairs and stand up.

3. Goldfinch Tavern - just a bit of a fancier option! This restaurant is inside the Four Seasons Hotel and is amazing for a treat (the food is pretty instagrammable too). I had the avocado on toast and then nicked some of mums smoothie bowl which was delicious.

4. Portage Bay - again no pictures as I think this was the day that I was ridiculously hangry (sorry family) and very hormonal - girls you will understand! This was a cheap and cheerful American dinner with a lovely ambience. I didn't pick very well and had the Breakfast Hash and spent the duration of the meal staring longingly at my little brothers pancakes. So top tip - go for the pancakes!


5. Crab Pot - this was the first restaurant we went to when we arrived in Seattle...and then went back twice more! If you're a seafood lover this is your place. If you're a vegetarian stay well away! I'd recommend getting the seafood platters. They literally bring some big sheets of paper and lay them across the table and then pour (yes pour) seafood out onto the table. The prawns were out of this world!

6. Joeys Kitchen - oh look another place we visited more than once...we don't like change ok?! Joeys Kitchen is super nice and can be found in the University Village Mall. I had this tuna salad that was delicious and we also shared some nachos to start. They also had a new drink out that they were testing called Frosé which was so refreshing after a long and strenuous day shopping....!

7. Cycene - the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had! And let's just leave it at that...

8. Rachels Ginger Beer - found just outside Pikes Place, Rachels is such a lovely place to go for a drink if you've had your fair share of Starbucks. The choice of flavours is endless and its such a pretty little café too. 

9. Mollys Moo Ice Cream - labelled as 'The Best Ice Cream In Seattle' it sure does live up to its name! They have 2 sites in Seattle - one in The University Village Mall (surprise surprise that's where we went) and one is in Fremont (an icecream ATM!!). I had the salted caramel ice cream in a cup with their signature sprinkles on top, yum!

10. Gelatiamo - this place is found opposite the Four Seasons hotel mentioned above and is very central if you fancy an icecream in town. My mum also wants to point out that they do the best coffee...

11. Cupcake Royale - another one in town but slightly closer to Pikes Place. This is a very very cute little Ice Cream parlour that also sells cupcakes and cake pops. I had the Red Velvet Cupcake ice cream in a cup (I'm not a cone kinda gal) and my little brother had the dark chocolate. they also do a Rosé sorbet which looked very tempting!

12. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Pot - found right next to Cycene this is basically a chocolate shop with a teeny tiny ice cream machine at the back. I had the birthday cake ice cream with chocolate chips. If you know me well, you know that sugar or E numbers + Katie = one extremely hyper girl. Bearing this in mind, I was quite literally bouncing off the walls for a good couple of hours after having this!

Thats all for today people! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I'll see ya all next time!

Lots of Love, Katie xo


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