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Keeping Fit On Holiday | Fitness Fridays

Holidays are the best!
You have time off work or studies to spend with friends and family in the sunshine, exploring different places and doing new things. And if your holidays are anything like my familys', they involve a lot of eating some bloody good food! Now don't get me wrong, holidays are all about relaxing and indulging yourself, but for me I almost feel worse in my skin after a few nights of having one too many mojitos...they're just too good! So I have a few tips and tricks that my mum has taught me over the years on how to still feel good on holiday - both physically and mentally - whilst not depriving yourself from having that White Chocolate Magnum at the pool in the afternoon...


Now, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, hands down. Usually at home I either have some eggs or some fruit and granola and I'd say my portion size is pretty spot on to fill me up until lunch rolls around. But on holiday, hotel buffets come to haunt me. Well I say haunt me - they actually don't anymore! The key is control and knowing when you're full. Don't rush you're food and take it slow - there is nothing worse than feeling so full you could throw up! I usually have a wander around and see whats on offer and then pick little bits of everything that I fancy. Yes, I may end up with a plate full of strawberries, eggs, cheese and a chocolate croissant, but it's all about balance right?!
At home I'd usually have a glass of orange juice with my breakfast - I know its not the healthiest but it's what I crave and I know if I don't give myself that one glass I will end up drinking the whole bottle later on in the day! But when I'm on holiday I try and stick to water. Not only does it seriously help with your digestion in the morning, but your body is probably very dehydrated from the flight or journey there - so a litre of water will help get rid of that groggy feeling! As I'm not the biggest fizzy drink fan I usually stick to water during the day as well and treat myself to a cocktail or glass of bubbly in the evening.

Classes are Class!

If you're staying in a hotel with a gym, or in a city there are more than likely many exercise classes that you could join in on. And if you're going for the first time they're usually at reduced prices - win win! I find classes the best when I'm on holiday as I usually have 0 motivation, so someone shouting at me to move is actually very inviting, however bizarre that might sound...
This year mum and I ventured out into the city and found a company called FlyWheel who do spinning classes and Barre classes all day everyday. I will do another post on these as they were so sooo good, but in a nutshell the spinning was in a pitch black room with flashing lights, blasting music and a very attractive instructor at the front - if that isn't motivating I don't know what is!!

Walk Places

You're in a new place, so go explore! Instead of hopping in that taxi for 10 minutes, leave 20 minutes before hand and walk. You'll get to explore more of the place you're in, whilst enjoying the sunshine and topping up that tan you've been working so hard on! Yes you might get lost, but this isn't always a bad thing, you might even find your new favourite place. It's also cheaper - bye bye taxi fare - so treat yourself later on to an ice cream (or two) on the money you would've spent on that ride.

20 Minutes is Plenty

On most holidays you either have a jam packed schedule where you want to see everything there is to offer in the space of 2 hours or you want to get up and out to the pool early to nab the best sunbed next to the bar... can't just be me right?! And here come the excuses, usually starting with "I just don't have enough time!". Well my friend, that is where you are wrong! You literally need 20 minutes to move. Go for a run, use the gym or create your own hotel room circuit. I will leave a few examples linked below of ideas for 'At Home Hotel Room workouts' for you to have a gander. If you want to make these workouts more challenging you could always pack a resistance band (and yes you do have enough space in your luggage - they literally weigh the same as your knickers!).

Hope you enjoyed everyone and happy holidaying!!

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