Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Glitter Guide | Festival Fun

As I'm going to a festival at the end of this summer, I have done what every girl will be doing and bought a tonne of glitter and anything shimmery! Now I actually had most of this stuff before hand so I thought I'd pop it all in a blog post to give you all some ideas on how to get sparkly this summer.

Glitter Pots  - First things first, the good stuff! My mum was actually the one to find these and buy them for me for my birthday last year... so thank you mum! However I have recently restocked my stash and bought three more pots of sparkly goodness. I get my glitter from Dust and Dance and each pot costs £3.50. So far I have put this on my cheekbones, around my eyes and on my nails, but you can literally use it anywhere. In the summer I might pop some in my hair - and deal with the consequences when it comes to washing it out!! The colours I have are Lunar Glow Mix, Carnival Dots, Gold Leaf,  Red Dragon, Unicorn Mix (not shown) and Pink Pandora. I apply these with Vaseline and then spray some hairspray over the top to keep it in place all day, but there are glitter glues out there if you want to get them.

Lunar Glow Mix
Carnival Dots
Gold Leaf
Red Dragon
Pink Pandora
Eyeshadow - As well as face and body glitter, I also like to steer away from my usual matte or at a push shimmery eyeshadows and opt for full on glittery eyes at festivals. MAC have recently launched their DazzleShadows, which are just that. I have the shades Lets Roll (Red Bronze with high sparkles) and I Like 2 Watch (Midtone Brown with gold Sparkles). Also a top tip is to apply these over the top of a cream eyeshadow with a wet brush to really get the colour pay off!

Liquid glitter/Neon - Glitter and face paint also come in many different forms, and this liquid glitter and neon face paint is so easy to get hold of at your local fancy dress shop or amazon. I got mine from Magic Box. This glitter from Paint Glow is perfect for a more subtle look, however it may need topping up during the day, unless you hairspray it in place! However it is less of a faff to get off, so good if you're camping and don't have any showers. You could also use this to apply the chunkier glitters and add that extra sparkle! Here is the link for my well loved Neon Colour face gel, which I got from Amazon about 3 years ago now.

Thats everything in my festival glitter kit! Thank you for reading and happy festival-ing if you're off partying this summer, have a fabulous time!

Lots of love, Katie xo


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