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City Guide - Seattle USA

So my holiday has come to an end - boooooo! But I thought whilst I'm reminiscing about the last two weeks I'd put together a city guide of all the bits and pieces we got up to in Sunny (kind of...) Seattle, enjoy!!

Pike Place Market

So this is a given I know, but you have to head down to the Public market called Pikes Place. It's the most colourful market I've ever been too and has some amazing viewpoints of the sea as well. This market is known for its huge fish stalls where the fishmongers throw fish across the streets at each other, putting on a hilarious display for the tourists coming to visit and the locals buying their local produce. The flower stalls are also amazing and provide displays to all of the local shops and restaurants - they are also seriously cheap ($5 for a huge bouquet!).

The Original Starbucks

Right across the street from Pikes Place is the original Starbucks which opened in 1971. This coffee shop is one of the smallest, cutest Starbucks I've ever seen, serving just coffee and tea. If you want your daily fix of caffeine head down here - but be prepared for the 30 minute queues all day every day!

The Gum Wall

An instagramers dream (however disgusting it may be!). This wall is situated outside the Old Market Theatre next to the back stage door where actors and actresses used to stick their gum right before they went on stage. City officials used to clear the gum away, however in 1999 it was named a tourist attraction. It's now a massive colourful (and sticky) stretch where many tourists come to stick a piece of gum and take pictures.

Ride The Duck Tour

The best city tour I have ever been on - and trust me I've been on my fair mum is obsessed! This is a land and water tour where the bus drives into the water and turned into a boat, which in itself is pretty awesome. But to make this even better the tour guide was hilarious, whilst still educating us all on the site of Seattle. We saw everything from the Space Needle and Amazon headquarters to the floating house boats situated on Lake Union. It was amazing and I would highly recommend you check them out here.


The breakfast of dreams - even if I didn't get a picture! They do everything from Eggs Benedict to French Toast and anything inbetween. You just have to go to understand how amazing it really is! They always say the busiest places are the best, so on that note be prepared to queue again!

The Future Of Flight - Boeing Factory

Boeing, for those who don't know (i.e. me before this tour...) is one of the biggest aeroplane manufacturer in the world along side Airbus. And their biggest factory is situated just outside Seattle. To be honest I wasn't that hyped about this tour as it's more of my brothers cup of tea. But it honestly was so interesting and I've actually become quite obsessed since going. We saw the 747-8, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner planes being made in a factory - which (fun fact) is the largest building in the world by square feet. My favourite was probably the 787 Dreamliner, the newest model. The whole idea around this aircraft is that it flies at a lower altitude meaning there is lower pressure, less noise, cleaner air and better humidity, which ultimately means the passengers arrive feeling less tired and groggy. Oh, it's also the first aircraft to have no window blinds, and the windows have technology to dim and brighten when the passenger pleases. I know this is super nerdy (no shame!) but I honestly really enjoyed it haha! Even if you don't know the difference between the cockpit and tail of a plane I would seriously recommend going on the tour and exploring for yourself.

Space Needle

And here is another obvious touristy place. If you want to see a birds eye view of the city, sea and Lake Union you've got to head up to the Space Needle. I'm not going to lie, this was not my favourite thing in the world as I am terrified of heights (I went to Go Ape and could barely handle the child's course...). But, if you don't have this irrational fear and won't be clinging to the middle rail for dear life, I would also recommend getting your 30 minute ticket.

Chihuly Glass and Gardens

Just to the side of the Space Needle, you will see a Museum named Chihulys Glass and Gardens. Now, we honestly just popped in as we had a few minutes before we went up the Space Needle, but I actually really enjoyed it! It's basically a glass blowing exhibition of all of Dale Chihulys work. the sculptures are insane and the colours are incredible. Ok so it's not for everyone, my dad and little brother went round in about 10 minutes, as they "just didn't get it" and that "it's more interesting walking around the glass section in IKEA..." !!! But then again they're not really the 'artsy types' so I'll give them a break! It was actually just as entertaining watching some tourists getting some very interesting pictures trying to impersonate the sculptures! 

Underground Tour

Now I didn't actually do this as we ran out of time, but it has been recommended to us a lot! Its basically an underground tour (duh...) exploring the historic sights of Seattle such as Pioneer Square, the birthplace of the city. It is also supposed to be extremely funny, so if you like a good giggle alongside your helping of history, head over there.

Seattle Aquarium

I actually fell in love in this I didn't find my dream man (#foreveralone), but I did get to see the CUTEST Sea Otters. They are now my most favourite animal ever. So much so that my little brother bought me a cuddly sea otter toy as a joke, but I actually think it's my favourite purchase of the trip! All jokes aside this Aquarium is such an amazing place as it aims to capture injured or endangered fish and sea mammals, treat them or breed them and then release them back into the sea. If you want your fix of cute seals, puffins, sea lions, octopus' and of course sea otters, the aquarium is just behind Pikes Place down by the sea.
Owned by Seattle Aquarium

University Village Mall

If you're not from the USA and want to visit all the shops that we can't get in the UK (hint hint Sephora, Brandy Melville and Madewell...) the easiest thing to do is to hit the University Village Mall. Ok there's a blond malteaser moment (if you know you know!) coming up, but I didn't actually realise that this mall is smack bang in the centre of the Washington University... how cool is that?! The shopping is amazing and there was literally something for everyone, whilst not being too huge. There are also some amazing restaurants and ice cream parlours to try out in the area (another blog post coming soon...).

Island Ferries

We spent a week in Seattle and then decided to try somewhere a bit different. So we hopped on one of the many ferries departing from the Port and headed to Vancouver Island. This was a 2 hour 45 minute journey but was so easy to do! We ended up in Victoria which was stunning and I will do another blog post all about this another time. You can also go to any of the San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor which is supposed to be beautiful too.

There we go, my quick-ish (not...) city guide for Seattle. I'm sure there will be other blog posts going up soon on Seattle and Victoria, so keep an eye out!

Lots of Love, Katie xo

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