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What University Has Taught Me... | 2. FANCY DRESS

For me, my first year at university has consisted of many nights out, house parties, 'pres' and birthdays, many of which involved fancy dress. Now some people love the idea, however others loathe it...I fall into that love category, so I thought I'd show you all some fancy dress ideas/ throw a few tips in there too! I hope you enjoy!

First Letter Of Your Name

A friend of mine turned 21 this year, and for her party the theme was 'Anything beginning with L' (as her name begins with an L...). So the girls and I decided to go as the Little Miss Characters. This was SO easy to do. All we had to get were some coloured tops, black leggings and some ribbons. We then got the characters printed, which you could do at places like Staples. Or alternatively you could grab some cardboard and paint and DIY it! We then hole punched two little holes at the top of the characters and attached some elastic to them so we could han them around our necks. And of course we had to add some glitter (more on that later!)...

We printed the pictures on the thickest card possible so it was super durable, as it turned out to be a pretty messy night! So I'd recommend getting thick card or laminating them, if you are wanting to use them again.

'Little Miss Naughty'
We all put our hair up in a half up half down style with coloured ribbons to match our characters. We all opted for slightly different styles, for example I went for space buns but you could also do a single pony tails or a couple of pigtails.
'Little Miss Sunshine'
To the same party, others went as lifeguards, lions, Statue of Liberty, a loo seat, Keith Lemon, a lego block, Luigi, a Las Vegas showgirl and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Anything Glittery

Glitter, sparkles and anything shiny has become a massive trend recently - and you won't see me complaining anytime soon!! If you know me well, you'll know that I am obsessed with anything that shines...! Anyways, our course society runs fortnightly nights out and one night we all decided to throw on some glitter, just to jazz it up a bit. Actually I think it was Valentines Day... us single girls know how to party eh?!

The glitter we used was from Dust and Dance. I think I have the pots named 'Gold Leaf', 'Unicorn Mix' and 'Mermaid Mix'. Throughout the night we gradually covered every other girl in the stuff until we were all covered in it! The way we put it on was with a thin layer of vaseline on top of our foundation and then we used our fingers and makeup brushes to pat the glitter overtop. We then set it with hairspray. You could also use the special glitter glue that lots of companies sell now, but if I'm honest vaseline lasts just as long and is a quarter of the price tag!

We just put the glitter in a C shape around one eye, but you could do anything with it, put it round both eyes, use it as an eyeshadow, under the eyes or just cover your whole face in it - I'm not going to judge you!

Retro Night
Owned By 'Filthys'
Coming a close second to my love for glitter, is my love for all things retro. Give me a 90s or 00s tune and I will be away with the fairies! For our retro night we attempted to go 90s (I think...), but in the end just opted for body suits, leg warmers and oh look more glitter...what a surprise! My friend lucy and I both curled our hair with the Lee Stafford Chopstick curler to try and get that corkscrew crazy hair look. On the night out there was a hell of a lot of neon, round glasses and flares! We also ended up in the cheesiest clubs in Newcastle (what a dream!) such as Flares, Mushroom and Pop World - I definitely got my fix of all things S Club and TLC that night!


Lets just say our halloween costumes were put together in extremely short notice!! It was one of our first fancy dress nights out and none of us had a clue what we were we grabbed some black clothing, fake blood and the boys got a bit hap happy with some face paint. However, if you do want to go a bit more adventurous with halloween this year, try heading out to your local fancy dress shop, ebay or even charity shops and get creative! Or if you really want to go all out, there are a tonne of YouTube tutorials out there on how to use liquid latex to make some pretty realistic (and horrifying) cuts and bruises.

Pub Golf

Owned by 'IAmVIP'
So I had absolutely NO idea what Pub Golf was before having it explained to me a thousand times the night before this event happened. Basically it's a massive pub/bar/club crawl around town where you have to down a drink at every place in a certain number of gulps. And if you're anything like me (a bit of a light weight...) this will sound like a nightmare... but it was actually so much fun! You also have to dress up as golfers - well attempt to anyway! So the girls and I headed off once again into town to scout out some bargains. We ended up in sports Direct (along with the rest of my year) and bought ourselves some polo shirts and pleated skirts all for about £20. We then went to Magic Box (fancy dress shop) and bought some funky looking - and obviously extremely apt - 'golf' visors and some over the knee socks. It was such a funny night and everyone looked hilarious, but after the first couple of pubs no one cares!

Field Days/Varsity

So pretty much every university has a varsity or field day where you play sports against other universities. Now some take it quite seriously, whereas others use it as an excuse to start drinking at 7am, yes AM! This year ours was the theme 'Heaven and Hell', so naturally we all went as devils. We were given special t-shirts to wear so we were quite limited as to what we could do, so we put out hair in space buns and pigtails, wrapped some red tinsel in it and sprayed everyone with red hair dye. We got the red hair dye spray from Claire's and the tinsel was from primark. We also put on some glitter - I know very devil-esque! It was such a bizarre day as I ended up sat at home at 4pm hungover, preparing myself to get back up and into town for a very long night (needless to say, none of us made it out!).

So that's it. My round up of everything fancy dress that happened in my first year of university. I hope you got some useful tips, or at least had a few giggles at how ridiculous we looked in the majority of these pictures! Until next time...

Lots of love, Katie xo

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