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What University Has Taught Me... | 1. FRESHERS

As I sit in my now eerily empty dorm room waiting for my dad to pick me up and move me out of my first university room, I thought I would share with you what I have learnt from my first year as a fresher. This is actually making me quite emotional writing this, so I'll get straight into it...

You WILL Make Friends For Life - I know, I know, how cliche right? As I mentioned in my previous post (Getting To Know Me) I really struggled in senior school on the friends front. Now, don't get me wrong I made some amazing friends that I know I will keep for life, but I also encountered many 'friends' who now looking back maybe weren't the most sincere and genuine people in the world. But, moving on and not dwelling on the negatives, once you reach further education, studying a subject you enjoy and with like minded people, friendships build in the most natural way. You quite literally have an ocean full of fish to find your friends. If I could go back to 15 year old Katie and tell her this, it would have made life in senior school SO much smoother!

Societies ROCK - This is actually something that I'm still working on, but university is the time to get involved and join as many societies as you can. For me, due to my course requirements, this has been quite difficult, but I have joined my courses society which runs nights out, field days, weekend trips and optional lectures. Next year, I would love to try out lacrosse and also I'm hoping to join Music Soc if I have some free time. I know many universities do a similar program, but my University has a scheme called Give It A Go, which allows students to try out a sport or hobby for free to decide whether you like it. Its such a fab opportunity and I'd really encourage any new 2017 Freshers to check out what your university has to offer. You never know what will come of it and I guarantee you'll make some great friends and memories.

Halls Of Residences Are A Must - Halls (University run blocks of flats, which can be self catered or catered) are so important in freshers year. Living in a large complex with lots of other people in the same situation as you just makes everything that little bit easier and lets you meet people who are not only on your course or in a society. The first people I met at university are my 5 other flat mates. I have been very lucky with my flat and have met some lovely people who I know I will keep in touch with next year - even if we're not living together! It all starts in Freshers Week where you're all thrown together at random, and forced to live together. Mine was one of the most exhausting, but brilliant weeks I've ever had. Just embrace it! I think I'll do another blog post on Freshers Week specifically, but if I have one tip it's to make sure you get up the morning after that big night out and go and do something - there's nothing worse than missing a whole week of free days due to your inevitable hangover!!

Making Rules Is OK- If you have a communal area (mainly in self catered flats, i.s. the kitchen) I would strongly recommend you set some ground rules. For example, a bin rota, a general cleaning rota or even discuss if you are all going to just use your own cutlery or just use whatever. As a flat we didn't really discuss this at all so it did result in a few clashes - imagine overflowing bins and dirty plates towering in the middle of the kitchen surface. So, if I were to do it again I wouldn't be afraid to just get everything straight in the first week, in the long run it saves arguments and hours of cleaning when it builds up.

Living In A City Is Amazing - As I have been a country girl for 19 years, I was a little bit apprehensive about living in a big, scary city for 5 years. However, for me, it has changed me for the better. It's amazing! Shopping has never been easier (RIP my student loan) and getting to and from places is so quick, especially as we are lucky enough to have a fabulous metro service running around the city and out into the suburbs  if we ever fancied any country time. Also living in the North East means we are so close to the sea, something I missed when living in the Midlands. It's so surprising what a trip to the beach can do to your mindset - but note to self, don't try to go in the sea in January again, you will get pneumonia!!

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Working Hard Is Not Nerdy - At the end of the day we all go to university to get a degree at the end of it. Over the last year, the library has become my best friend and I have actually begun to start enjoying revising and learning new things that I am actually interested in! Yes, it can be extremely hard and challenging, but if you surround yourself with people that have the same goal it becomes less of a chore and more of a step in achieving your dreams!

So that's it! Its been a whirlwind of a year, but I can honestly say that it's been the best year of my life so far... I hope this has inspired some of you guys to give University a go, or given you some tips if you're about to head off there in September.

Bye Bye First Year, Hello Second Year! But first SUMMER TIME!

Lots of Love, Katie xo

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