Saturday, 24 June 2017

Top 3 Summer Scents

During a recent clearout of all things beauty, fragrance and hair care, I began to see a pattern in the scents that I like...especially during summer! So if you're not a fellow sweet/citrus loving gal, look away now!

1. Bronze Goddess - Estée Lauder: This has been my all time favourite summer perfume for roughly 3 years now, and I have recently converted my mumma over to this classic too. Whenever anyone asks me what this smells like, I always just say pina coladas (or suncream, but that doesnt sound too appealing!!). This is the perfect scent for any summer holiday lounging around by the beach or pool during the day and can easily be worn out at night too. According to Estée Lauder (as I am NO expert!) the notes are bergamot, warm amber, tiare flower, vanilla and coconut. It comes out every year around the start of June, but is special edition so chop chop! Also the bottles change every year, and are LUSH. 

2. Sì - Giorgio Armani: Excluding the price tag (sorry student loan...) is my all time favourite, all year round. I wear it during the day, and always wear it on a night out. I just love it! To me its very sweet and quite similar to Victor and Rolfs Flower Bomb. Some of the notes are pear, mandarin, blackcurrant and freesia, as well as rose (but this isnt over powering, if you're like me and can't stand the smell of roses!). Anyways, this would be perfect for over the summer and would be one to last you into the winter too.

3. Rain - Marc Jacobs: Confession time, this is actually my mum's (woops...), but I am guilty of sneaking into her room to nick a few spritzs. It's really fresh and quite floral for me, but I'd also say that it smells like freshly washed clothes? Mum also had Pear from the same line which is alot sweeter and more fruity (as the name would suggest...) so maybe a bit more suitable for younger women than rain. This is also the fragrance that lasts the longest on me and is the cheapest of the lot (bonus!).

So there you have it, my favourite fragrances for summer (and all time...). I hope you enjoyed this little round up and I'll see you next time!

Lots of Love,  Katie xo


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