Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Students Summer

So you've finished university for the year, and if you're in your first year, you're now faced with roughly 4 months of summer to fill. This is exactly the situation I am in at the moment - and although it is great, you can find yourself lounging around wondering what an earth you should be doing... or is that just me? So I thought I would share with you all what I am doing with my summer holiday and also some other ideas that I hope are useful!


This year the girls and I have planned an Interrailing holiday - which is basically where you travel round Europe or just one country on a train and stay in hostels. We're just doing Croatia this year and traveling down the coast, starting in the North. Although it takes some planning (if we can do it, anyone can!) it is probably one of the easiest and maybe cheapest holidays for a student to go on. The costs you may need to factor in are:

  1. Interrailling Ticket - watch out for sales that happen around Christmas time
  2. Flights if you're not going straight from home
  3. Hostels
  4. Food and Drink
  5. Leisure/spending money
I'll do a whole other blog post on how to plan an interrail trip and hopefully another on Croatia, but if anyone has any suggestions about where to visit, pop them below!


Probably the most obvious thing for a student to do over the summer, as if you're like me you've already blown your student loan and forgotten about the summer... This year I got a job in a little cafe in the village next to me, but there are tonnes of other options out there. A good tip is to find a large company to work for, for example one of the big supermarkets, as at the end of the summer you may be able to transfer to a site near your university. Alternatively pubs and bars are always looking for extra hands during the summer for holiday cover or for busier periods when the schools break up. Oh another tip is to get in there early...preferably before schools break up as 17/18 year olds will also be looking and before you know it all the jobs will be gone!


There are always charities looking for helpers all year round, but specifically during the summer when lots of different events are on. This is also SO easy to get involved in... if you're unsure where to start just head over to the Do-It website, type in your postcode and get choosing. Whether its an hour, or a months volunteering, every little thing really does help!


This is something I did during my gap year, but there are so many overseas programmes made especially for young people, to get out and help in both developing and developed countries. I may be slightly biased, but my recommendation would be to get signed up to Raleigh International. I've linked their website if anyone is interested, but they are basically a charity working towards sustainability in several developing countries, including Costa Rica, Nepal and Tanzania. I chose them as they are the only charity where 100% of the money you raise to go, goes straight to the projects that they run. Whilst I was out there we worked on developing the National Parks in Costa Rica and encouraging sustainable farming within the local community. At the end of the volunteering we did an expedition (trek), which although it was very tough, was one of my favourite parts. I made so many friends on this trip of a lifetime - and I know they will be friends for life!
If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea there are so many other options that I will leave below, if anyone is interested:


One perk of going to University is that you mix with people from not only all over the UK but all over the world. Use this opportunity to visit as many places as you can, whether that's booking a train to go to the opposite end of the country to see a friend, taking a road trip around all your friends places or booking a flight to see friends who live abroad. If you book it enough in advance, the tickets shouldn't be too expensive, or if you're road tripping it you can all split the fuel costs. Also, if you're anything like me it feels extremely weird not seeing my flat mates or course friends every day of the week, so the more I can see them, the better!

That's all my tips and tricks for today, I hope you have a fab summer!

Katie xo


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